Friday, June 4, 2010

great summer service project for kids!

I have a post for later tonight.  However, I saw this a few minutes ago, and I was filled with so much joy I had to pass it on.  If you've been around here at twelve crafts for a while, you may remember that a few months ago I got together a bunch of gals to make dolls for Sarah's Dolly Drive.  It was so much fun, but more importantly, we got help put smiles on the faces of a bunch of amazing children.  Sarah posted pictures of the children receiving their dolls today.  I'm not a person who cries a lot or easily, but well . . . these pictures brought tears to my eyes.  Tears of sadness for the heartache these children have endured in their short lives.  Tears of joy for the happiness that can be brought by a simple doll.  

Thank you, Sarah, for such an amazing opportunity.

If you haven't ever heard of Sarah's Dolly Drive opportunity, now is your chance to learn more about it and participate in the newest drive.  By making just one doll, you can impact the life of a child who needs to know that someone somewhere cares.

The little group of gals that gathered in February gathered again in April to start on our batch of dolls for this new drive.  (We hope to do these gatherings on a regular basis.)  Here are just a few pics from our most recent Dolly Drive sew-a-thon.  (You'll notice the plates of food in the pictures too.  We tend to use these sewing parties as excuses to eat junk food for dinner.  Yummy . . . nothing like homemade salted nut rolls, caramel corn, puppy chow and brownies for dinner.  Yep, I think that about covers the necessary food groups.)

Grab some scrap fabric, print out the pattern (found at Sarah's site) and start sewing.  This would be a GREAT summer project for all you mom's out there with kids at home for the summer.  They can cut out pieces and help stuff the dolls.  Make a difference in the life of a child and . . .

craft on!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

This is just too cool! I'm on it!

Teresa @ ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥ said...

Those are SO cute! What an amazing thing you all are doing for these children. I know those dolls will be loved. I am truly touched by your heart. *smile*

I am about the LEAST crafty person in the world. I wish I knew how to sew. That is one thing I wish I had learned from my mom when I was growing up. I can't even sew a button on. Sad, huh? My husband does the sewing in our home. LOL!

I just became your newest Follower from Friendly Friday. I wanted to stop by, say hello and share some comment lo♥e. I would be extremely honored if you would take a minute to check out my blog and follow me, too, if you like what you see.

I hope your weekend is amazing!


Teresa <><

♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥

Remodelaholic said...

Just stopping in and looking around from Follow Friday! And just became your newest follower! Yea! Hope you stop by and return the favor!

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Bella said...

Hi ... New follower from Social Parade. : )

Mary Elizabeth said...

I came across this a couple of weeks ago and want to participate! What a sweet service project! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for letting people know about this project. I would be glad to make a doll for this! Such a kind and thoughtful thing.

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