Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the saga of the pillow buddy

June 8 - I announced (a week late) that June's craft till Christmas would be the animal pillow . . . now renamed the pillow buddy.

June 19 - I fessed up that I had put zero work into the pillow buddies.  Ten days before June was out and I hadn't even purchased fabric and supplies for my pillow buddies.

June 20 - Surprise . . . an impromptu trip to the fabric store . . . the first pillow buddy is started.

June 23 - Another even BIGGER SURPRISE . . . the first pillow buddy is finished! 

June 27 - The second pillow buddy is started.

June 30 - The last step - sewing the head on the body.  I have hope that I'm actually going to get this little gal done before July 1!!!!!  So exciting! 

Tonight I carefully hand stitched the kitty's head onto the body.  I tied in the finishing knot.  Set her down on the floor to attach Velcro and take a picture and another really UNEXPECTED SURPRISE . . .

What is wrong with this picture?  Hmmm . . . you think I would have noticed that I was sewing the head on upside down at some point during the 45 minutes it took me to sew this on.  Yes, you would think that, but you would be wrong.  Forty-five minutes to sew it on . . . four minutes to cut it off. 

Wah wah

So the second pillow buddy will indeed not be done by July 1.  I'm throwing in the towel pillow tonight and tomorrow I will . . .

craft on!
SYS Thurs

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

tuesday's true confession - sometimes i just want to be sad

Today I don't feel like being funny, sarcastic or overly dramatic about ants.  I don't feel like confessing something trite and insignificant.  If that's the kind of true confession you are looking for today, come back next Tuesday.  I'll have one of those confessions for you then.  But today's confession isn't going to make you laugh, chuckle or even smile because today all I have to confess is that I feel like being sad . . . not the kind of sad where you are a little "blue" and don't feel like smiling at someone when you pass them on the street; rather, I feel like being the kind of sad where you sit in a dark room and cry all day until there are no more tears to cry and all you feel is numb.  I can't do that, of course.  All I can do is confess in my blog - a blog that is usually reserved for happy, joyful, creative and sometimes funny moments in my life - that all I want to "do" today is be sad, cry and hurt.

Two friends - two amazing people - who struggled for too long to conceive finally did after trying almost everything.  Almost six months ago they heard the doctor say, "You're pregnant!"  And it was the best news they could ever imagine hearing.  Six months of check ups and ultrasounds and good reports led them to believe that they would be bringing home their precious baby girl in a little more than three months. This week that precious baby girl was born into the world too early to survive more than a few minutes in her loving mother's arms.  And all they want to do is cry.  And that's all I want to do today too.  I can't, but I needed someone to know - or a group of someones to know that that's what I want to do and that's exactly what I'm doing on the inside.

So, if you are someone who prays, pray for two people whose hearts are aching for the beautiful daughter that they don't get to put in the car seat that was delivered a few weeks ago or dress in the clothes that have been carefully placed in the closet.  Pray for a mom and a dad who love their little girl more than words can say.  Just pray.  

**The following song was meaningful to two other friends who said good-bye to their infant daughter last summer.  I thought of it again this week when I heard of this loss, and I'm sharing it because there might be someone in your life to whom the words of this song might speak to in the midst of their own loss or sadness. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

monday's buttons - week 6

Three great buttons. 
Three great blogs. 
Three opportunities to be inspired. 
Check them out!

504 Main How did I not know this blog existed until a few days ago?  Have I been living under a rock?  I saw this button on another blog (whose button I hope to feature someday).  I clicked on it because I liked it, and I was transported into some sort of bloggy paradise!  Holly, the creator of 504 Main is a creative genius, and I'm thanking her button for leading me to her blog in this button shout out.  I'm also slightly giddy about showing off Holly's button because she's a super busy gal - she's an extremely successful blogger, she's an author of some great wedding books, and she's a mama.  And even with all those things going on, she replied to my initial e-mail within an hour.  I about fell off my chair.  I'm a follower and a fan.  I hope you are too! 

1) How would you describe your blog to someone who hasn't read it yet?
504 MainMy blog is like my life...some days we hang out and chat, some days we craft, some days we make cookies, some days we make a mess! I want my blog to be comfortable and friendly like my home is {or a least think it is!}. I chose the name 504 Main because, "it could be anything, your home, the coolest restaurant, a hip hotel, a swanky lounge, a cool artists loft, your favorite coffee shop." You can read about that here,

2) Did you craft your button or did you commission someone else to craft it for you? If you crafted it, what program did you use? If someone else did, who?
This current button is a take-off on my header...I am all about having a complete and cohesive "package." Once we figured out what we were doing with the blog, the button just fell into place. I personally like a simple button that is easy to read. Diana {at the Girl Creative} created it when she redesigned my blog.

3) What was the inspiration behind your button? What did you want it to say about you or your blog?
When I first started to redesign my blog back in March, I was going for a whole different look...I said I wanted clean and modern and very simple....which is really not me or my style {anymore}. That was important to me because my blog is for me and I wanted it to be a true representation of me and my style. After looking at numerous digital kits and such I found this great photo of a brick wall and on it very small was "No. 5" - as with most things I love {like my wedding dress} I knew this was it - the look I had been searching for - right away.

I have a wedding blog too, www and I did do that button myself using
Hip Weddings

4) What kind of buttons stick out to you when you are poking around in the blog-world?
I will generally reciprocate a button grab. I do appreciate a simple well designed button - not too much stuff {text info, etc.} on it - with the right code! I want to be able to read it. But while I appreciate a good button, I mostly look for buttons of blogs that I feel are great assets and resource or good reads to those who read me.

5) What inspires you to keep blogging?
Although I am a published writer, my forte has been non-fiction {weddings specifically} and I never intended to be an author or writer at all! This blog pushes me to write and develop those skills. It has also renewed my creative endeavors. I had put a lot of "stuff" that I like to do on the back burner and with this blog, well, it is mine, it is for me, and I have started to create and design again.

I am inspired by the amazing women and men I have met out on the blog world - just think only one year ago, I thought blogging was ridiculous! There are so many talented people out there - great writers, great crafters, great DIYers, and simply great advice and information on life. I am truly amazed by the bloggers I find. I always love finding a new blog too!

6 Inches of Ribbon As you know if you've been around here for awhile, I'm addicted to two things - blog buttons and fabric remnants, but you may not have known that I'm also addicted to ribbon.  I love ribbon in all shapes, sizes, colors, patterns.  I just love ribbon.  That's why my ribbon antenna went right up when I saw this button pop off the page.  It's simple and it makes a statement.  Ashely, the blog creator and button designer of 6 Inches of Ribbon knew just what she was doing when she designed this little cutie!

6inchesofribbon1) What are five words you would use to describe your blog?
Crafts, Recipes, Family, Humor, Ribbons

2) How do you think your button reflects these five words?
Well, honestly I just love ribbon. That's really how I came up with the name of the blog and then the button came next. I try to use ribbon in a lot of craft things, but lately that hasn't been the case. I will def be trying to incorporate more ribbon in future crafts.

3) Did you craft your own button or did you commission/inspire someone else to craft it? If you crafted it, what program/software did you use? If someone else did, who?
I did the button all by myself using Photoshop CS4. The button was simple to make, it was the program that was hard to use.

4) If you are looking for inspiration, what is the one blog you would turn to?
Oh, there are so many out there... hmmm. probably Blue Cricket Designs. I adore her blog and find so many creative ideas off of there.

5) When you are looking through a blog roll of buttons, what button features catch your eye the most?
Most of the time it is the fun, bright colored ones.  I like the very modern look to a button as well. Your button says alot about your blog. That's one reason I chose two different fonts and kept it simple with a white background and one picture.

9 o'clock Dance of Joy Last but certainly not least is a button from a blog I've been following for a few months.  However, Kenzie at 9 o'clock Dance of Joy just had a little blog makeover and a shiny new button came right along with it.  It caught my eye right away.  First, because it's not your typical button shape.  Second because I'm a big fan of the font.  Third, because the color scheme is simple and elegant.  Go check out Kenzie's blog not just for her pretty button, but also for her great blog soundtrack.  I'm pretty sure we were music twins separated at birth because I love every song she has on her playlist.
1) What are five words you would use to describe your blog?
PhotobucketCrafting, DIY, Fun, Family, Mommy Time

2) How do you think your button reflects these five words?
It's pretty?!?! I don't know if my button necessarily reflects these words. I really wanted a simple and elegant button that I was in love with!

3) Did you craft your own button or did you commission/inspire someone else to craft it? If you crafted it, what program/software did you use? If someone else did, who?
I can take no credit for my button, the amazing Lauren at Designer Blogs {} is the mastermind behind my button!

4) If you are looking for inspiration, what is the one blog you would turn to?
This is a hard one, there are so many amazing blogs that I stalk on a daily basis! I would have to say that Stephanie Lynn at Under the Table and Dreaming is always inspiring! I love all of her projects! She provides the most amazing tutorials and is one of the nicest people that I have met in blogland!

5) When you are looking through a blog roll of buttons, what button features catch your eye the most?
All of them! I love buttons! I would have to say that my favorite buttons tend to be simple and elegant with a gorgeous font or picture!

Go wander over to see Holly, Ashely and Kenzie to say hi, see some great buttons and blog designs and be inspired by the blogs behind the buttons.

Craft on!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

sunday kids' craft: a lesson on love

My far-away friend, Kristin, has me totally inspired this summer to teach my children something besides how not to fall off a bike, how not to drown in the pool and how not to get fried to a crisp while playing outside all day.  These are obviously important lessons to learn, but there are also other important lessons to learn - lessons about love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  In my faith tradition these nine qualities are referred to as the fruit of the Spirit . . . meaning that these are the qualities that others can see in our lives because we love God and God's Spirit is in us.  

Kristin is working on a quality a week at her house.  You can follow her journey on her family blog and be inspired to take a similar journey with your family.  

Due to my work and home schedule, we are learning about and practicing these qualities during the weekend starting on Friday.  We're home on Fridays together, so this past Friday we had our very first Fruit of the Spirit Friday.  We focused on the quality of . . . LOVE. 

This is what our Fruit Friday focusing on love looked like.
1)  We started out in the morning with a small object lesson on love.
2)  We learned a special song about love. 
3)  We read a few children's books about love. 
4)  We went on a love field trip to deliver a special meal to a family in our community who has recently been impacted by a cancer diagnosis and chemo treatments. 

Fruit Friday ended with a special craft.  (Yes, I realize the post is called Sunday Kids' Craft. :)  That's because I'm sharing it with you on Sunday not necessarily because we did it on Sunday.)  

Share-the-Love Magnet Clips-
**Throughout the upcoming weekend and week, I will be looking for ways the girls are showing love - to people, animals or the environment.  As we crafted, we talked about specific acts of love that they could do at the ages of 5 and 2.  At the end of each day, we will gather around the Share-the Love Magnet Clips on the fridge, and I will present them each with a card that has one of my favorite acts of love I saw them do that day written on it.  They will get to put the card into the magnet clip.  Each day we add a card to the clip, and at the end of the week we will take time to read them all together again.

-clothes pins
-heart shapes cut out of felt, paper, craft foam, etc. - I precut these to make this craft simpler.  If you have older children, they could cut out there own shapes.
-old magnets
-craft glue
-hot glue gun
-stamps, markers, crayons, stickers, etc

1)  Let children pick out the heart shapes they want to use.  Help them glue heart shapes on to the clothes pins with craft glue in the pattern they choose.

2)  Let dry.

3)  Take an old fridge magnet and cut it up into thin strips.  Use hot glue gun to attach magnet strips to back of clothes pins.

4)  Let cool.

5)  Let children decorate notecards with stamps, stickers or markers.

Each girl made two magnet clips - one to hold the blank notecards and one to hold the share-the-love card for the day.  It was so fun to see their faces tonight as we gathered around the fridge again, and I presented them with their cards.  

Don't forget to check out Kristin's journey and start your own journey this summer on the lessons of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  No matter what your faith tradition, these are lessons we could all use a little refresher on from time to time.  

Craft on!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

a shout out, a reminder and a winner

I'm in a time crunch so here are three things I've wanted/needed to post.  Read to the end for a surprise!  Oh, I'm such a tease.  I know that most of you are going to skip to the end now.  I probably would too!  :) 

A Thank You!
The past couple of weeks I've been tickled pink to find this fledgling blog featured by a few bloggy friends on their blogs.  I wanted to give them each a shout out.  Hop on over and see . .  . 

Sandi over at A Legacy of Stitches.  She just reached a milestone with her 500th post.  Wow!  That's some serious blogging.  She found twelve crafts till Christmas through her sister, and I'm so glad she did.   

Lorene over at Just Lu.  (I like to pretend we're best bloggy friends so I call her Lorene.)  She wrote such a kind feature post about twelve crafts till Christmas that I'm still blushing over it.  She not only has her own blog but she is a feature writer over at Housewife Eclectic every week. 

Mary Elizabeth over at Ten Thousand Hugs.  First, I already knew that I like Mary Elizabeth because she has a really great name.  Second, she has a great blog too.  Go check out her new blog makeover. 

A Reminder
I love comments!  I love REPLYING to comments!  But many of you are no-reply bloggers which means that when you leave a comment and I get an e-mail telling me that you left a comment, I can't hit reply to send you a quick response.  I respond to ALMOST EVERY comment except those left by no-reply bloggers.  If you have left me comments and have not received a reply from me at least once, you are probably a no-reply blogger.  Maybe you want it this way.  Maybe you don't have a clue what I'm talking about.  Either way, considering changing this by going to EDIT PROFILE on your dashboard and then click the box that says "SHOW E-MAIL".  Pretty please!  I would love to respond to you!

A Winner
First, thanks to all who follow and all who entered!  I'm so encouraged to keep up with my crafting for Christmas goal because you read, comment and e-mail me.  I'm one of those people that wishes that everyone could win something.  I drive my husband nuts when we watch the Super Bowl every year because I go on and on about how I think both teams should win.  But I'm pretty sure CSN wouldn't be too crazy about giving away 60 plus gift codes, so the one recipient of the $30.00 gift code form CSN stores is . . .

Jennifer at The Toy Box Years!

Congrats Jennifer!  I'll be in touch on Monday. 

Okay, that's everything I had to cover today.  I'm working on my second stuffed animal/pillow hybrid tonight.  (I need a better name for it.  Any ideas?)

Craft on!

Friday, June 25, 2010

count down - you can still enter to win!

Happy June 25!  I know . . . I know . . . for most people June 25 is just another day.  It is no different from June 24 and June 26, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post I think June 25 is worth celebrating because I'm half way to my goal of making all my Christmas gifts for December 25, 2010.  I'm using today's post to do three things:

1)  Celebrate by giving away a $30.00 gift code.
(A gift code is the same as a gift card. You use it by shopping on-line and then typing in the code at check out).  There is still time to enter.  I will count everyone that enters TONIGHT (JUNE 25) BY 11:59 PM (CST).  So go HERE to find out how you can have an opportunity to win.

2)  Encourage you to start thinking about what you could make - yourself - for someone else this Christmas. 
I admit that it might be easier and faster to buy all your gifts at Amazon - which is what I basically did last year.  ;)  But there is truly something special about a gift that has been labored over and loved on with your own hands!  I've become even more convinced of that these past six months.  So I encourage you make commit to making just ONE gift for someone in your life this coming Christmas.  Start on it now because who knows . . . you might like doing it so much that you'll want to make more!

3)  Review CSN stores. 
The gift code that I'm giving away was donated by CSN.  They contacted me and asked me if I was interested in working with them through a give-away and review.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I didn't really want to get into the review thing.  However, I eventually decided that a give-away would be a great way to thank my followers (because I can't believe I have any followers).  And I didn't feel right about giving away a gift code/card to a place that I didn't really have an experience with myself.  I mean, what if CSN is a horrible place to shop at.  How rude of me to give you something as a thank you that is horrible!  ;)  

Thanks goodness that my shopping experience at CSN was anything but horrible.  I bought three things all for UNDER $30.00:

a suitcase for my daughter (the red one)

construction paper for our craft time

and these cool Fabric Fun Pastel Dye Sticks.

I'm not going to review the products (although they are all wonderful) because chances are you wouldn't by the same random assortment that I did.  Rather, I want to review CSN as a store.  I'm happy to say that every step of the process with CSN went smoothly and efficiently.  I'm the rare type that doesn't actually want to talk to a real person to order something.  I like to order online without talking to anybody from customer service, and I didn't have to. YAY!  I ordered online late in the afternoon on a Tuesday and the construction paper and dye sticks came Thursday morning.  That's crazy fast - less than 48 hours from my order to my house!  The suitcase came very next day.  Everything arrived undamaged and in great condition.  Woo hoo!

So if you are the winner of the gift code, I think you are in for a good experience with CSN.  If you aren't the winner (and I wish everyone could be), the next time you need to buy something online, consider CSN for easy ordering and fast delivery.       

I think you may even find some great items so that you can . . . 

craft on!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

hey, i can make that! a cute headwrap

Tomorrow is a HUGE day for me.  Why?  Well, thank you for asking! 

Tomorrow is June 25 . . . exactly six months until Christmas.  That means I've been sticking to my goal of making all my girls' Christmas gifts for almost six whole months, and I have six months left to go to complete my goal.  This is a big deal because I have a short attention span and typically can't stick to anything for too long.  So yay for me!  (I'm patting myself on the back right now.)  It's also a big deal because in six months of sewing and crafting, I've gone from saying, "Oh, I could never make that," to "Hey, I think I can make that!" 

To celebrate I made myself something tonight - well, two somethings.  One something in preparation for July 4 and one something for everyday. 

On my recent fabric-searching excursion for my stuffed animal/pillow hybrid, I also stopped at Target to get some basic necessities.  As I was trying to find some bobby pins, my eye instantly wandered to some cute headbands (aidbanes - as my youngest calls them) from Goody.  I looked all over online but could not find a picture to show you.  I stood there in the store looking at these headbands and headwraps for about five minutes debating whether or not to buy one.  Six dollars seemed like A LOT to spend on one headwrap, so I put it back on the display.  (I know I'm a cheapskate!)  As I was driving home, I thought, "Hey, I think I can make that."  So I did.  The best part is that all the supplies are things I already had on hand.  And remember this tutorial is only for your personal wear and gift-giving . . . not for selling . . . I'm going to be doing that.  ;)

I think you can make them too.  Here's what you need:
-2 ribbons 40 inches in length
-1 elastic headband

Yep, that's it!  Sweet!  This is sort of my festive 4th of July wrap - love the bright blue, red and white mixed with the other colors. It reminds me a bit of fireworks.  You could simply use blue and red ribbon or white and red or . . . well, you get the point.

1)  Pin the ribbons wrong sides together.

2)  Sew as close as you can all the way down one edge of the ribbons.  Then sew all the way down the other side.

3)  Starting about 1 inch up from one end fold over a small bit of the ribbon.  Pin.  Continue this all the way to the opposite end - leaving another inch on this end. 

4)  Sew directly down the middle.

5)  Put the elastic on one end of the ruffled ribbon and fold the ribbon over the elastic two times.  Sew at the top of the fold.  Sew back and forth a couple of times to secure.  Repeat on the other end.

6) Done and cute!  The black elastic part is at the bottom and back of my head (near my neck).  The ribbon is really all that shows.

I have to say that I've been wearing one of these all night and it is so comfortable.  Usually I can only wear something like this for an hour before I start to get really annoyed with it and start itching my head like a crazy woman.  Out in public people avoid me.  Thankfully, I will be able to wear these out in public without scaring passersby.

So this is my little half-way gift to myself!  Way to go self!  And I guess this tutorial is a little gift to those of you who actually care about my little goal.  Thanks for coming along for the ride!

Craft on!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i even baffle myself - the pet pillow

I'm not ignoring you.  I promise.  I usually try to reply to everyone who leaves a comment, e-mails me or becomes a new follower of twelve crafts, but the last few days I haven't.  Bad blogger!  Bad blogger!  There, I've slapped my own wrist.  

I do feel horrible, but I promise I'm not ignoring you.  Every minute of my free time the last few days has been filled with . . .

This stuffed animal/pillow hybrid.

Attach the Velcro - it's a stuffed animal.

Unattach the Velcro - it's a super soft and comfy pillow.

I did it!  I put it off all month doing everything else I could possibly do, but I finally did it!  I had an impromptu trip to the far-away fabric store, and I've spent every free waking minute - as well as minutes I should have been sleeping and I made my very first pet pillow.  I honestly can't believe I figured this out all by myself.  I still don't know how I did it.  Well, I do know how I did it because I took pictures of almost every step and I do plan on posting a tutorial in the days to come.  But still . . . I'm baffled how I figured this out.

I showed it to my husband, and he asked me to make him one.  What a cutie!

So this is the reason I've seemed absent from here and from replying to you.

I have one more to do for daughter number two (and maybe one for the mister, so I . . .

craft on!

Monday, June 21, 2010

tuesday's true confession: i'm a hypocrite

I'm grossed out.  You will be too, but please don't judge me.  I found an ant.  Not outside in the grass or on the sidewalk, but in . . . my . . . kitchen!  And not just on the floor, but in . . . a . . . cabinet!  And we all know that there is NEVER just ONE ant.  I confess (This technically isn't my true confession for today.) that I am not a person who cleans the house everyday, but please believe me . . . our house is clean.  Not spic-and-span-so-you-can-eat-off-the-floor clean, but at least I'm-not-going-to-find-an-ant-crawling-in-a-cabinet-at-11:30-at-night clean.  So, like I said, please don't judge me.  

As a result, I did something that I have wanted to do and needed to do for a long time.  I took everything out of the cabinets, scrubbed everything in serious scrubbing fashion and put everything back in a neat and orderly way. 




I started doing this at 11:30 PM, so it was a late night.  I just couldn't go to bed wondering if there were more of those little pests running around in there.  Thankfully (I think), I didn't find anymore, but now every time I walk into the kitchen or open a cabinet I'm expecting to find an ant.  HELP!  I don't want to use toxic pesticides just for peace of mind, but does anyone know of a toxic-free way to keep these little critters away? 

Here's my true confession . . . I'm a hypocrite.  You see, whenever I find a spider or other crawly little bug in the house, I gently scoop it up and put it outside where it belongs.  I know, weird.  I'm fully aware that this is completely bizarre behavior, but I just can't bring myself to kill them.  I even have my girls trained now to come get mommy when they find a spider so we can rescue it and put it outside.  But there is something in me . . . something deep down inside of me that cannot muster up the same compassion for ants.  I'll just say it . . . I HATE ANTS - not outside-type ants, but any ant found in my house is definitely in danger and should fear for its life. 

I guess I should thank that little ant because it helped me mark a to-do off my list that I've been putting off.  At least my cupboards are cleaned, and now I can do what I like to do and . . .

craft on!

monday's buttons - week 5

Welcome to another week of my favorite buttons!  I'm running behind on a few crafty endeavors this month, so I have had to cut down the time I spend searching for super buttons to feature.  Feel free to pass some on to me for consideration if you have one on your blog you love or run across a great one on another blog. 

I am just Lu This first button is more than just good . . . it's great!  I am loving almost every single element of it:  the color combo, the simple white background so that the little squares pop off the page, the geometric element, the way the blog title is placed, the fact that some of the squares are empty and some are filled.  I could go one, but I won't because . . . well, just because.  :)  If you love the look of this button, hop on over to Just Lu for more of the same in her blog banner.  (I confess that I secretly wish this were my her banner and button design  . . . oh, I guess it's not much of a secret anymore!) And check out her blog content as well.  I promise that she's one of those people that you will just instantly like!   

I am just Lu1) How would you describe your blog to someone who hasn't read it yet?
My blog just Lu is a little bit of everything that I do: I craft and sew, I read (mostly books for children or young adults), and I cook. I started blogging last year just to show off what I'm doing in my life as a new mom (I know, how vain of me!). As I've explored the many great blogs there are, I've discovered that there are so many people out there that are so much more innovative than I am. I love to take their ideas and combine them to make a creation (craft or otherwise) that fits me and my life. So, my blog is growing to reflect what I do best: borrow ideas and recipes and do things my way.

2) Did you craft your button or did you commission someone else to craft it for you? If you crafted it, what program did you use? If someone else did, who?
I made my button myself using Photoshop CS3. The font is Bookworm, and the squares are just good ol' wingdings. :)

3) What was the inspiration behind your button? What did you want it to say about you or your blog?
My button's color scheme was inspired by my blog background (from Hot Bliggity Blog). I love the colors, and I love the clean look of a repeated square motif. I feel like my button represents me and my blog well: I'm not particularly creative on my own, but I can take someone else's idea, like a square webding character, and put my own spin on it to make it mine.

4) What kind of buttons stick out to you when you are poking around in the blog-world?
I love blog buttons that are simple, with not too much going on, but use a unique shape or font or other element that connects them well with the blog.

5) What inspires you to keep blogging?
Finding new blog-friends! I sometimes get discouraged seeing all these fantastic blog and these wonderfully creative people who have such a natural knack for the crafty and creative, but I love the feeling of exhilaration that I get "meeting" new people through my blog and through the blogs I follow.

One Pretty Thing If you have not been to this next site, you must stop everything and go there immediately (after reading the rest of this post, of course).  One Pretty Thing is the brilliant brainchild of Rachel.  This is the first site I stumbled upon when I began checking out crafting blogs/sites, and it is the first button I displayed on my blog.  I probably turn to One Pretty Thing more than any other site to get my creative juices flowing.  I'm not sure how Rachel finds the time or energy everyday to keep this site up and running, but my hat is off to her.  I LOVE this site and I LOVE her button!  I think the thing I appreciate most about it is that it's clear and easy to read, and I like that the title is in white.  Some buttons have fonts that are difficult to read (like mine for instance).  But when I see this button I know exactly what it says and where I'm going when I click on it.  
1) What is your site about? What was your inspiration for this site?
oneprettythingOne Pretty Thing is a site that aggregates links from craft projects all over the web. I hunt down the best tutorials, organize them in an easy to read format and share my findings with everyone! I was inspired by the crazy amount of time I spent at my computer hunting down tutorials. I wished that there was a site that had them all in one place. After a few days of wishing I just jumped in and created it myself.

2) What do you like best about your button?
I love the soft but bright colors in my button. The palate reminds me of the clothing I usually wear as well as the colors in my home. I'm a sucker for feminine brights!

3) Did you craft your own button or did you commission/inspire someone else to craft it? If you crafted it, what program/software did you use? If someone else did, who?
I created my button using Photoshop. I had created the flower for my banner, and the typewriter style keys for my Daily DIY post header. I combined those graphics to create the button I'm using now. I'm actually working on a more unifying logo right now, so I'll be doing it all again soon!

4) If you are looking for inspiration, what is the one blog you would turn to?
Lately I've been pulling so much inspiration from Prudent Baby. I've found so many fabulous party, decor and giftable tutorials there. Just in the last week I've added three Prudent Baby projects to my own crafty to-do list! It's a great site with a lot of DIY variety.

5) What kind of buttons stand out to you?
I think it depends on the website I'm looking at. If the site has a lot of white space, a colorful button catches my eye. On a busy site, a more restful button might grab my attention. I love buttons that let me immediately know what the site is about and I'm much more likely to click on those. That's something I hope to achieve with my next button and logo revamp!

A Cuppy Cake Life One look at Carolyn's button over at A Cuppy Cake Life and you can't miss the purpose of her blog.  I try to pop over and visit all those who sign up to follow twelve crafts till Christmas.  I love looking through these blogs for inspirations.  After Carolyn signed up as a follower here, I popped over to her sweet blog (pun intended).  After I wiped the drool off my chin and computer keyboard, I noticed her button right away.  So cute!  Carolyn was gracious enough to answer a few questions about her button.  I warn you . . . if you stop over at A Cuppy Cake Life (and you should) be prepared for some serious sweet treat cravings.

1) Describe your blog in five words.
Cupcakes, Recipes, Tips, Fun, Relaxed

2) How does your button reflect your blog?
At A Cuppy Cake Life the cupcake is the star. Having it as the focus of the button shows it's the focus of the blog.

3) Did you craft your button or did you commission someone else to craft it for you? If you crafted it, what program did you use?
I cannot take credit for anything more than the color scheme. Kendra at Key Lime Blog Design ( is the awesome designer of my button and my blog.

4) What do you like best about your button?
I love that it is fun and relaxed without being overly girly and juvenile. Cupcakes aren't just for kids!

Thanks to all the creators of the featured buttons for their willingness to put up with my button stalking and questions!  Go check out the blogs behind the buttons, be inspired and . . .

craft on!

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