Tuesday, June 15, 2010

a long overdue shout out!

Sometimes . . . okay, 99% of the time this blog seems like it's all about me and my goal.  I guess that is kind of the point of the blog.  BUT I do love showing off other people's projects too!  And this show-off is LOOOOOONG overdue. 

Here are three super creative and crafty ladies who gave me the heads up that they used my tutorials for inspiration.  I like each one of their blogs and the projects highlighted below for different reasons.  And that's the great thing about the blog-world, each blog has its own unique "fingerprint".  Click on the blog titles and find even more inspiration!

First, busy mom and creative genius, Victoria, head creator of Couture Unraveled used my tutorial on can lid magnets to make these sophisticated looking magnets.  I love the embellishments she used!

Kelley over at Kelley's Family Jewels sent me her family's version of my can lid tutorial.  She used this as a summer activity with her children.  I think her kids did an incredible job!  Their daddy will also be receiving this cute little magnets for Father's Day.  What a great gift idea Kelley!

Recently, I finally finished my pretend & play mail carrier set.  Each piece of the set was so much fun to make, and I was so excited to see that the envelope tutorial inspired Tere, the creator of Pony Tails and Fish Scales, to make these envelopes.

My hats off to Victoria, Kelley and Tere!

Let me know if you put your own unique spin on any of my tutorials.  I would love to show of your work as well!  Be inspired and . . .

craft on! 


Erin Wallace said...

Following from TTA - hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

xo Erin

gone said...

Love to see kudos going out!!
Stay Fabulous

Debra Hawkins said...

All of them are too cute!

Eve said...

Really nice crafts, it's got to feel great being an inspiration like that :D

I want to thank you for your button on the side of Dolly Donations, I've checked them out and it's just what I had in my heart to do.

You have a Lovely blog, and I look forward to getting to you know better. All the best, Eve

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