Thursday, November 18, 2010

twelve (plus) days of traditions: iced sugar cookies

Let's take care of a bit of housekeeping before we get to today's delicious post. 

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I am so excited to be talking about traditions today - what a fun idea, Elizabeth!
I am Mandy from over on Sugar Bee Craft Edition.  The obligatory clickable button insert:

I am lucky to stay home with my four kids and enjoy all the fun that comes with it.  I also (obviously!) love crafts and creating.  Here's a picture of the whole gang from our recent family pics:
 I've been blogging on my craft blog for about a year and half now, and it just keeps growing.  I feel that if I can do something, you can too, so a lot of my posts are tutorials.  

Also, I have a link party on Tuesdays called Take-A-Look Tuesday - - where YOU can link up what you've been working on - I love checking out all the fun ideas and projects.

Want to see some things I posted about on my blog, last week alone??(I'm too lazy to grab links - you'll just have to browse around over there...):

Have you ever heard of SoYouThinkYou'reCrafty??  I'm a contestant this season - I can't tell you which project is mine, just head over and vote for your favorite!!

But enough of that, I know you want to hear about my tradition I'm sharing with you's some eye candy to get us started:
That's right, Iced Cookies!!  

Growing up, we always made cookies around the holidays - the ones I remember most are iced cookies.  Side note - please take pictures of your traditions - I asked my mom to pull out a picture of me as a child making iced cookies, and there's no such picture!! 

Growing up we made all shapes, etc - I remember the trees the most.  And those silver ball things - they were hard and round and smaller than a red hot - anyone else remember those??  They must have been hazardous since they don't make them any more....

Since I'm the simplifying type, with my kids I have learned to make only circles.  They are SO much easier cut out and ice, and you can still make them fun with toppings. 

If you check out my blog today, I'll have the recipe up for my cookies and icing - and not to brag, but they are de-li-cious!!  Best I've ever had, but I'm probably a little biased.  (and if you want tips on icing, I made a video - I know, hold back the excitement...)

Here are some pictures from our fun:
I hope you'll swing by and see me in my part of the blog world
Thanks for letting me pop on over here!

(Oh, I know you're wondering - I got that super cute apron at Sonshine Designs and you could win one this week on my blog - be sure to enter!)

Thanks Mandy!  Those cookies look delicious!  I cherish my childhood experiences making Christmas cookies with my mom and brother.  And I LOVED heaping on those silver little ball-like decorations! So much fun and yumminess (if that's a word) rolled into one.

Tradition on!

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Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

Lol! I was totally wondering about the apron. I seriously did laugh out loud and not just in my head and because I love it so much, I'm now following her blog. Yummy cookies, super dooper apron. Of course i'd follow.

VickiT said...

Great post. I was very good with my own children when they were young in wanting to pass on the family traditions I got from my own Mom. I totally agree with you about taking lots of pictures. With such advancements over the years in cameras no one has any excuse now not to do so. I'm totally jealous of those who have children now adays because when my children were small we had the good old Polaroid instant camera or film; no digital, no cell phones. Geez, I feel like a dinosaur saying that. LOL

I just adore your family picture you posted. SUPER CUTE! And such a great pic because it is so original and not the same old family pic. Great job.

Those balls you spoke of are called dragees. They are still sold. You can do a search for them and find all kinds of places selling them. I posted to your blog giving you one link so I'd be sure you would get the message.

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

I love Mandy's blog. :) Those cookies look so great! That's one of the things we love to do every year too!

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