Tuesday, November 23, 2010

twelve (plus) days of traditions: santa's gift sack

Two days until Thanksgiving, and all we are talking about here is Christmas.  Hmm . . . I hope you don't mind!  ;)  If you are just joining us, we are in the middle of twelve (plus) days of traditions here at twelve crafts.  We've been given a sneak peak into the homes and holiday celebrations of some amazing bloggers, and we are in for even more terrific traditions for the next two weeks.  Today, Jennifer Juniper from Hope Studios has a cute, scary-free way for Santa to leave gifts.  This tradition makes me chuckle! 

But first, a little housekeeping . . .

Two more days to enter to win the ready-made ornament set or the pdf pattern from my friend Chris at Pickup Some Creativity.  This set is an amazing addition to your holiday traditions.  And don't worry . . . if you don't win, you can still pick up your own pattern and instructions at Chris' shop

Also, keep on linking up your own tradition posts below. You can link up more than one tradition.  I'm looking forward to featuring a few more of these inspirational posts along the way. 

And finally, check out Stephanie Lynn's ornament event going on this week over at Under the Table and Dreaming.  So many great ideas.  Why not add ornament making to your tradition list!  

Without further interruption, here's . . . Santa’s Gift Sack a tradition from
Jennifer Juniper @ Hope Studios

Hi everyone! It’s Jennifer Juniper from Hope Studios here to share with you a Christmas tradition from our family. I wanted to share with you my crazy method of wrapping gifts...but only if you promise not to mock me. Okay, you can mock me...and laugh...and point...Just do it quietly.

First, all (two) gifts from Santa arrive wrapped in red and white striped paper (ala Polar Express). They can be found in the fireplace in "Santa's Sack". This tradition began years ago because #1 son was super afraid each Christmas at the thought of a strange man tip toeing around our home in the dark of night. Really...it IS kind of creepy! He used to sit on Santa's lap and ask him to take the gifts to Daddy's work instead of coming to the house.

So, since that time, Santa has agreed to stay OUT, per our request, and simply drops the sack down the chimney and continues on his way to prowl through other unsuspecting children's homes. They still expect him to eat the cookies, though...go figure...

My kids sit down and write a thank you note before they leave for Mimi's house and Santa sends an elf to retrieve the sack left by the fireplace after we leave. This whole scenario has cut down on a lot of nightmares!

The rest of the gifts are from Mom and Dad and this has worked out nicely for us! Thanks for letting me share one of our family’s traditions, I can’t wait to read some more!

Jennifer Juniper

Thanks Jennifer!

What are your gift-giving traditions? 

Tradition on!


Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

I love this one too!!! I would have loved to have read this when my kids where litle. They wouldn't even sit on Santa's lap - this would have been a great option!!! haha. Too fun.

Unknown said...

What a cute tradition! I'm surprised that more children don't have a problem with Santa intruding. :)

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