Monday, January 18, 2010

fashion trends for 2010

Although this is mostly a crafting/sewing blog, every once in a awhile I feel like I need to delve into deep subjects like . . . the fashion trends of 2010.  The first trend is modeled by my four year old.  She is wearing a polka-dot pajama shirt, pink pants that are about three inches too short and of course, the biggest trend of the season - every cool kid's must have item, a tutu.  
The second "it" look is being modeled by an almost two year old with her own sense of style.  She is America's Sweetheart in her blue shirt, rainbow striped pants, snow boots (on the wrong feet, of course - all the cool kids are doing it), and that signature tutu. 
Now, if you are one of the three people who reads my blog, you may remember that I made this tutu with the hopes of giving it to my daughter for her birthday.  Wait . . . don't wish her a happy birthday yet because her birthday is not for THREE MORE WEEKS.  It turns out that tutus are hard to hide from curious kids.  It turns out that if there is a big fluffy pink and purple skirt-like object hanging in the laundry room, kids ask questions like, "What is that?"  "Who is that for?"  "Is that for me?"  "Can I wear that now?"  (Note to self: next time I make something I don't want my kids to find I should probably put it someplace other than hanging up in the laundry.)

So . . . the tutu has made an earlier-than-expected debut, and I will be coming up with something else to make for the upcoming birthday.  Any ideas?  Please give me some.  I need something fairly easy (as evidenced by my issues with fusible interfacing) and appropriate for a two year old who is fairly destructive.    
Craft on! 


Kristin said...

Your girls are adorable in their tutus!

*How about a bag for the tutu? (easy stuffable storage)
*Birthday crown out of felt pieces (only have to sew the head part, rest can be glued.
*doll blanket
*pillowcase dress

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Pillowcase dress? That sounds cute and possibly easy enough for me. I'll have to do a search for that unless you have a quick link for me.

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