Sunday, January 17, 2010

hmm . . . what is missing from this picture?

What is missing from this gel-pen roll?  (For my second roll, I made a gel-pen roll instead of a crayon roll.  It was quite the adventure in absent-mindedness, but more on that later.)  

This is another guessing game, and I've got a poorly made crayon roll or gel-pen roll for the lucky winner.  Here are the rules for the game:

1) Post your guess about what is missing from this gel-pen roll below.  Make sure your name is somehow associated with your guess.  You might need to include that in the post because I think your name only shows up automatically if you sign in with your google account.

2) I will take all the correct guesses submitted by Tuesday at 11:59 PM Central Time and draw one name randomly as the winner of a poorly made crayon roll or gel-pen roll.  The roll will be fully compete and usable, but I can't guarantee it will be flawless.  I'll contact the winner for an address if it needs to be sent.  Wow!  What a deal!   

Craft on!


Amanda said...

Hmmm... Well, I'm guessing the ribbon to tie it all up.

I have to say that you are amazing me with the fact that you're spending so much time on 1-your crafts & 2-your blog. I end up spending hours on the computer, but you'd never know it by my blog.

And I have stacks of crafting stuff just waiting for me to make time.. how do you do it?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to guess that you have forgotten the ribbon to tie it together when it is rolled up. Love your blog. Jenn Probst

Anonymous said...

Teagan guesses the ribbon to tie it up. AFter viewing the picture close up, you do have the pockets stitched in.

Cute colors.


Paula Olson said...

Well the experts say the tie-up ribbon, "sew" I'll go along with them. I thought maybe you sewed the pockets shut, but that would be something I would do. Do you know (& Jane will verify this) that before fusible interfacing, we actually had to sew/baste that stuff wherever it was required! Luv, Auntie P

Anonymous said...

I am going to say you forgot to sew up the bottom and the gel pens fall through the "cracks". This makes for a quick release gel pen roll. Your favorite DAD.

Anonymous said...

well since i have no idea ill just guess the same thing as everyone else and say a ribbon to tie it =)


Anonymous said...

The pens of course.

Kristin said...

At first I thought the pens but then I realized there was no ribbon to tie it up. Cute fabrics!

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