Tuesday, January 26, 2010

the transformation of the laundry basket

Lately at our house, the most popular toy hasn't been Littlest Pet Shop or Legos, Dora or the dancing tutu.  The most popular and beloved toy has been this . . .

. . . no, not the doll . . . the laundry basket.  This laundry basket has been a crib, a house, a boat in the river, an airplane bound for Hawaii (if only), a scooter, a shopping cart, an animal kennel, a sled and probably a few things I'm not even aware of.  I'm amazed with the creativity of kids.  They can take a laundry basket and transform it into a whole new world.  I wonder when I lost that ability . . . when did a piece of orange flannel turn into a plain old piece of flannel rather than a carrot, a teddy bear, a basket, a puppet, an outfit for a doll?  

My kids, this blog and my twelve crafts challenge are all helping me recover some of that creativity.  Over the past three weeks, I can't walk through a store, look at my pile of clothes to give away, see things lying around the house without being inspired to make something.  I'm super excited about that.  It's like finding the kid inside of me that was lost . . . or at least covered up by the pile of clothes that should have been in that laundry basket . . . a long time ago.  If only I had the time to actually make all the things whirling around in my imagination. 

What do inspires you to be creative?

Craft on!    

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