Sunday, April 4, 2010

sunday kids' craft: april showers bring spring flowers

Well, it's April and the girls and I are tired of waiting for the flowers to bloom, so today for our Sunday craft we made our own with random supplies we found in the craft cupboard.  These flowers are the perfect craft to make with really young crafters because they are super easy and they can be done with a two-year-old's short attention span.

Grab the following stuff and make your own:
  • newspaper to cover the work surface - We did not do this . . . don't make the same mistake!
  • coffee filters
  • paint or markers (We used dot-to-dot paint markers.  If you have a two-year old that you are teaching to craft, these are a MUST - no paint brushes, no water cups, minimal paint on clothes!)
  • buttons, circles cut out of foam, puff balls or anything in reach that is circular
  • tongue depressors or craft sticks
  • craft glue
1)  Let kids paint/decorate their coffee filters.  If you use paint or dot-to-dot paint markers, you will want to let the coffee filters dry for a few minutes.  Dot-to-dot paint markers dry super fast - another plus!

2)  (If working with super young crafters, you may want to do this part.)  Gather up a few centimeters of the center of the filter and squirt glue onto this gathered center.  Place button, foam circle or puff ball on glue.  Let dry while you do the next step.

3)  Paint tongue depressors/craft sticks green or use markers to color green.

4)  Put glue on one end of the green stick, and place coffee filter flower onto glue.  Press tightly with fingers or with heavy object until dry.

5)  Enjoy your beautiful spring bouquet!

The best part about this craft is that it was so quick and easy the kids still had some crafting left in them.  We painted freestyle with the dot-to-dot paint markers.  The girls created some beautiful Easter eggs.

Happy Easter and . . .
craft on!


Unknown said...

Enjoyed the flowers...and comment about puttin down newspaper! Great flower and thinking of how good it makes the girls feel to create.

Anonymous said...

I did a project like this when I worked at a science museum. Kids used red, blue, and yellow markers to decorate coffee filters. Then they put drops of water on the filters and the colors blended to make green, orange, and purple. It was a great lesson on mixing colors!

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