Wednesday, April 21, 2010

website wednesday: always the last to know

In kindergarten, I was supposed to be a tightrope walker in our school circus.  (Don't worry, the tightrope walkers only walked on the black lines on the gym floor.  I didn't go to an elementary school that actually makes five year olds risk their lives as circus performers.)  I didn't know until the afternoon of the circus that I had to be a dancing peanut instead.  (I'm still unclear as to why there were dancing peanuts in our school circus.)  In third grade, I was supposed to run the 50 meter dash in our class track and field day.  About ten minutes before the race, I found out that I was going to be running the 400 meter race instead.  Ugh!  In seventh grade, I didn't know I was "going out" (an odd term used to describe a relationship that mostly consisted of notes exchanged back and forth between classes) with an eighth grader until my best friend told me she heard about it in the bathroom.  (To be fair, he didn't know we broke up until his best friend told him about it in gym class.)

Anyway, the point is that I was always the last to know, and that hasn't changed.  I had never heard of the website until my little pen holder/book mark was featured on there last week.  (Thanks Anne!)  Apparently, this is a site that everyone knows about. (By everyone, I mean people who are interested in crafts . . . I'm pretty sure my dad doesn't know about it.)  I've been spending evening free time that I should be using to work on my ninth craft till Christmas looking through this site.  I'm hooked . . . big time!  

So . . . if you like me are always the last one to know and have yet to find this site, head on over there.  But block off a few hours of your schedule/calendar for this because you'll be there a while.  

Craft on!

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Papgena Made It said...

that's how I discover you!!! :D

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