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stuff your stockings: juice pouch headband tutorial

Let's give Misty a big twelve crafts welcome.  She's sharing a super fabulous stocking stuffer idea with us this week for Stuff Your Stockings!  AND she's offering a very fun giveaway, so don't forget to throw your hat in the ring (whatever that means) to enter to win in the comments section.

I'm SUPER excited to be contributing to Elizabeth's "Stuff Your Stockings" ideas!  I'm a huge fan of Twelve Crafts Till Christmas.  HUGE!!  I love Elizabeth's idea of making one craft each month specifically for Christmas.  I'm thinking I may be following her lead in 2011.  We'll see how I do!

I'm Misty from Creative Itch.  


Today I'm going to show you how to make a Reversible Juice Pouch Headband!! 

{Juice Pouch Headband Tutorial}
Supplies Needed:
* 4 juice pouches, cleaned and dried
* Fabric
* Tape
* Sewing Machine
* Coordinating Thread
* about 4" of Elastic
* Headband Template (I just found one online that I liked...HERE)
* Scissors
* X-acto Knife

{Step 1}  To get started, let me first show you how I clean out my juice pouches.  All I do is carefully cut a slit in the bottom, wash out in soapy water, and let air dry.  Sometimes if I want to speed up the drying process, I'll put the juice pouches in the dryer on low. 
{Step 2}  Next you'll need to carefully cut off the back of the juice pouch.  Using an X-acto Knife, start cutting on the bottom of the pouch, where you cut the slit to clean it out.  Keep going until you've cut the whole back of it off.
This will give you a better idea of what it should look like.  The pouch on the left has the back cut off....the one on the right doesn't.
{Step 3}  Sew the pouches together.  I like to use a zig-zag stitch, but you can use a straight stitch if you prefer.
{Step 4}  Fold the pouches in half, and tape your headband template on top.  Cut around the template.
Here's what mine looked like after cutting.
{Step 5}  Fold both your fabric and headband in half.  Place juice pouch headband on the fold of the fabric.  Cut out leaving about a 1/2" border.
**Tip:  I put tape on the inside of the juice pouches to keep them in place while cutting out the fabric.  If you do this, make sure to take the tape off once you're done cutting!!
{Step 6}  Unfold the juice pouches and fabric, and place the juice pouches in the center of the fabric, right side up.  The fabric needs to be right side down. 
{Step 7}  Fold fabric to edge of juice pouch, then fold again.
Tape in place.
Here's mine all taped down.
{Step 8}  Sew along the inside edge of fabric, right over the tape.  I used a straight stitch.  DO NOT sew the ends closed!!  Once you're done with both sides, carefully peel off the tape.  After the tape is all off, iron the fabric flat using low heat.
{Step 9}  Sew your elastic in one end, backstitching to secure.
Then do the same with the other end.  Make sure you back stitch a few times!  (I usually put my headbands on once I've sewed the elastic in one side and measure where I need to sew it in the other side.  Just to make sure it fits snug).
And that's it!!  You're all done!  Now put on your cute headband and admire your work!! 

Check out what Misty is offering up for this week's stocking stuffer giveaway:
~a juice pouch wallet
~2 pairs of scrabble tile earrings

Here's how you can win this prize pack:

ONE entry each - Leave one comment for each entry. 
~Be or become a follower of twelve crafts.
~Head on over to Creative Itch and become a follower.

TWO entries each - You DO NOT need to leave comments for these entries
~Link up your own stocking stuffer ideas and you might be featured on Stuff Your Stockings in the Saturdays to come. You can link up as many as you want.

ONE extra entry - Leave a comment for this extra entry.
~If you link up a stocking stuffer idea, put a link or one of my blog buttons somewhere in the post, sidebar, linky party page, etc. and come back here to tell me that the link or button is up. 

Giveaway will be open for entries until Friday, November 19, 2010 @ 11:59 PM (CST).

**Also, I've started announcing winners of these Saturday giveaways up at the top of the blog rather than in a separate post.  I also contact winners, so the winners do not have to contact me to claim their prizes.**

Craft on!
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