Tuesday, December 14, 2010

tuesday's true confess: taking deep breaths

It's official . . .

I did everything within my power to prevent it.

I've been working diligently all year to keep it at bay.

I've planned and cut and poked myself and glued and so much more all in an effort to rise above it.

But it's happened . . .

Yep, I confess that the pre-Christmas panic has set in!

Last night as I sat in a pile of wrapping paper, tissue, bows, ribbon and scrapbook paper, I realized that I was in the same place that I was in last year at this time . . . in Panicland . . . and not just as a tourist visiting Panicland but more like the mayor of Panicland. 

Apparently, working on Christmas gifts all year long doesn't actually help suppress the panic.  So that's good to know.   

It won't all get done.
The finishing touches on the felt food won't get completed.
The pillow buddy eyes won't get finished.
The jammie shirts won't get appliques on them.
The Velcro won't get ironed on.
The present won't get wrapped.

Except it will . . . all of it will get done . . . just as it does every year . . . after I remember to breathe . . . deep breaths . . . and not make such a big deal out of it all. 

It will all get done, and if it doesn't my kids won't every know.

Feeling better already!  How about you?

Craft on and carry on!


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I just hate it. Every year I should just be enjoying the season, but I can't. I freak out and get all worked up that I won't get everything done. But you are absolutely right... everything that must get done does. A few minor details may end up left by the wayside, but that's nothing to freak out over.

Debby said...

It will get done. I feel the same way. One year I had everything done. I had the cokie dough chilling and the cream cheese out warming to room temp. I went to pick up my daughter and fell on the ice and broke my leg. Hmmmmm.....hospitalized. So from that day on, I don't ever purposely finish everything.
Not stressing.....I did early on but not now.

Beth said...

I feel the same way, and with my kids getting sick over this weekend/till now I've gotten even more behind, and we're making a trip to see my family, so now I have extra gifts to make, AHH! I'm getting stressed out and my husband is complaining that he wants me to just sit with him. What?! Like I even have time for that!

Hands Sew Full said...

Yep! I do that every year! This year....it is all the same again!!! Except I just decided that I don't even have TIME to PANIC!!! Just keeping my head down, working away... and when I get one thing done, I call for a courier pick up because I am just to late for Canada POST! Good Luck! Just keep moving forward at least that way the avalanche might not bury you!

Amanda said...

I hear ya sister. Christmas with my husbands family .... THIS week!!!!! AHHHHHHH.

3 days left.

And every year after a week of all nighters (and then some egg nog to wash it all down) I swear that next year....I'm starting Christmas in January.

Yeah right. My to do list for after Christmas stuff is already a mile long. And after Christmas...I just need to forget about Christmas for a little while.

Quimby said...

Move to the Southern Hemisphere. When it starts to get cold I start to get in the Christmas spirit so I pull out the Christmas cards, address them all, wrap the presents, etc. etc. Then when it starts to get warm I start to get in the Christmas spirit so I start working on next year's gifts. By the time mid-December rolls around I've just got to do the Christmas baking and remember where I've hidden the presents.

Papgena Made It said...

Do I know what you're talking?? Absolutely!!
I have a enormoes to-do-list! With luck, I have 2 free afternoons this week and I'll get done a lot...but...I have this idea for a dress to my daughter and I want to do it so badly!!!!!

janimal said...

Just think of how lovely you will feel when it is all done - when all your handmade items, made with so much love, are oohed and aahed over! Gosh that sounds like a fabulous day to me.
Hang in there - breathe!

(As for me, I'm Jewish, and our holiday is over so we are enjoying the season and appreciating the hustle and bustles and love all around us.)

Unknown said...

I am still blissfully non-freaked out... for about another hour... maybe two... And you're right... no one will ever know if doesn't get done!

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Oh yeah. I'm right there with you. I'm trying to hype myself up on sugar and coffee to try and get everything done. ;)
But you're right - it will all get done - it somehow always does. haha. It's nice to know I'm not the only one semi-hyperventilating.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Uh...I'm still in thinking mode. I had a bit of panic this morning about having not yet addressed the Christmas cards, which we actually got a couple weeks ago. But then I remembered a blogger writing about sending them out as Merry Epiphany cards. But, yeah, it really is time to get off my duff. Merry Christmas!

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

I have numorouse dreams all year long about Christmas morning and for some reason I FORGOT and I didn't get any presents for people. Why do we do that to ourselves?!! Most of us are doing better than we think but we so want this day to be perfect that we over analyze and stress. I'm checking my list...checking it twice. Wanna make sure everybody has been taken care of.

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