Wednesday, December 1, 2010

twelve (plus) days of traditions: star wars anyone?

I love me some Mod Podge, and so does our guest blogger for today - the queen of all things Mod Podge . . . Amy from Mod Podge Rocks!  Woo hoo!

Hi there! 

I'm Amy from Mod Podge Rocks, blogger and crafter extraordinaire. 

I like a little bottle with a pink and orange label a whole, whole lot.  It's called Mod Podge, and if you haven't been to my world, come visit me.  You aren't going to believe what a little glue can do.  It can definitely make the holiday season bright.  That I can assure you!

I'm pleased to be sharing my Christmas traditions with you . . . and like me, they are a little goofy.  I grew up with four younger brothers, and Christmas was a lot of times strapped.  I find it's never the gifts that are the best part of it though, don't you? 

I tried to narrow it down between two traditions, but I couldn't, so here they both are.

Star Wars. 

Did you know that Star Wars is on nearly every holiday weekend? 

It was just on Spike for this past Thanksgiving weekend, and the ENTIRE time I was growing up it was on the USA Network on Christmas Day. 

The trilogy. 

Back to back. 

And when the back to back was done, they would start over.  Can I tell you that this was honestly what I looked forward to every year?  Something that has nothing to do with Christmas, yet because of its airtime became a huge Christmas tradition for me.  So much so that my mom ended up buying me statuettes of all of the characters for my 8th grade Christmas.  I'm guessing I was one of the few 8th grade girls in the world that wanted Star Wars for Christmas.  This is what having four brothers does to you.

Christmas lights

This second tradition is a little more "normal."

I still love it to this day!  It wasn't just hopping in the car and driving around to look at a few lights, I promise you. 

It was a huge production that involved:
1.  Planning the night on which to go
2.  Mapping out the neighborhoods to see
3.  Wearing the right gear the night of
4.  Making the perfect cup of hot chocolate to take
5.  Making sure to get the right seat in the car (front was best, of course)

Every year of my childhood we did it - my mom, myself and my four brothers.  Dad stayed home.  Maybe he thought it was lame?  Or maybe he just wanted to give us time with my mom.  Either way, it's one of my favorite Christmas memories.  We'd drive around for about two or more hours "ooohing and aaahing" like we'd never seen Christmas lights before.  I still get happy when I see Christmas lights.  It truly evokes the holiday spirit for me.

Thanks to Elizabeth and all of you for allowing me to share my favorite holiday traditions (and memories) with you.  I hope you will continue to build some of your own - and should any of those involve Mod Podge (I highly recommend it), please come visit me at Mod Podge Rocks any time. 

 Happy Holidays!

I never dreamt the our tradition series would include Star Wars, but I'm so glad it did!  My brother and I would watch Star Wars and then it's spoof counterpart Space Balls all the time growing up.  I even have all the Princess Leah and Ewok action figures.  Yes . . . I already know that I'm a huge dork!

I'm pretty sure you have all been to Mod Podge Rocks, but just in case you are like me . . . always the last one to know about a great thing, then go stop over to see Amy! 

Tradition on!
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Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

It's sooooo nice to know we're not the only ones who do goofy stuff around the holidays! :)
We did the Christmas light drive too - so fun. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for my feature! Much love to you and great holiday wishes. :D

Holly Lefevre said...

Gee...I did not know Amy was related to me! Ha! If Star Wars is on TV, it is on at my house. We all love it. As for good Christmas lights, that is an art and love that too!

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