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twelve (plus) days of traditions: the Christmas day treasure hunt

I've got a LOVELY lady to share with you today!  I've been getting to know Holly via blogging and e-mail for a while now, and I love how genuine and kind she is!  You've got to check out this tradition she's got going on at Christmas!!!  I love it!

Hi there!

Thank you Elizabeth for letting my spreading my delightfully cynical holiday cheer at your place. I am beyond impressed at the gifts you have crafted and the special memories you are creating with them.

Thank you for the inspiration...the is nothing like a handmade gift!

I am Holly from 504 Main. I cook, craft, and chat about all sorts of things over there. Today I am excited to share a holiday tradition we have at our house. Let my preface this by saying that the holidays and I have a rocky relationship...we need some serious counseling...but alas I now have kiddos, so I put on my (semi) happy face, deal with it, and do my BEST to create our own special and unique traditions!

(And don't tell anyone and ruin my reputation, but I actually enjoy this part of it!)

The Easter Bunny Made Me Do It

Joe was 4-going-on-5 that first year in our new home...our new city. We were still adjusting to life up here - carving out our niche in the community, creating new traditions, and learning to deal with the fog. That Easter we were sans was just the three of us. I wanted to make it really special and different...and the Easter Bunny had the perfect idea. When Joe awoke on Sunday morning, that silly bunny had filled his entire room with balloons and left him a treasure map.

Joe was beyond excited - he raced around the house collecting his treasures. He thought this was just about the best thing that had ever happened...and I agree! At the end of the festivities, Joe looked up at me and asked, "Can we write Santa a letter so he can do this too?"

I sure didn't want to hear the conversation between Santa and the Bunny that night!

Fast forward to December 25...and Santa came through! What a guy! Ever since that Easter in 2006, the Easter Bunny and Santa have left a special surprise for Joe.

This year will be new...and exciting...and it should be a hoot! Jules is old enough to understand and really be part of the action. She participated in the hunt last year, but mainly followed her big brother around. Now, with Jules on the hunt too, watch out Santa!

Just in case you want to let Santa know you like this idea, I thought I'd share a snippet of Joe's past hunts.
  • In 2006, he got a map of the house and backyard with X's to mark the spot of his treasure.
  • In 2007, the kid was seriously into the Magic Tree House Books, and just starting to really read on his own, so the map became a list and it included rhymes as the clues (like the ones in the books...Santa could work on his rhyming ability...maybe he can chat with Matty?)
  • Well, in 2008, Joe was all about I Spy. Santa sent him on a hunt using abstract photos from around the house (boy was he sneaky...I never heard him!)

The treasures Santa leaves are simple little things like rocks, small books (I am sure he gets them from thrift stores), Pokemon cards, playing cards, etc. Santa seems to know just what it is Joe is "in to." Santa is great because he always reminds Joe of the things we want him to work on too!

These are some of the clues he left for Joe...once Joe began the hunt, at each location throughout the house, there was a photo to send him to the next location, until he ended up back at the Christmas Tree.

Mom {ME!} and Dad really get a break too, because while Joe opens his treasures and admires them (he is very thorough about examining his gifts and appreciating them),we get to make coffee before diving into what is under the tree.

How are your holidays going? Do you have a special tradition?

I would love to hear about it! Come say "HEY!" at 504 Main.
Thanks for having me Elizabeth!
504 Main

Thank you so much Holly!  

Holly has a fabulous blog, she's a busy author, and she's one of the DIY Club creators.  She's one busy lady! 

My girls already know that mom, dad, grandmas, grandpas and other people are the ones who give them all their presents, but I still LOVE this idea for our gifts.  What a fun twist on Christmas morning traditional gift opening!

Tradition on! 
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Rachel Postma said...

Hey there! I've been gleaning a lot of inspirations from your crafts over the last few weeks since I stumbled onto your blog. I can't remember which blog I was at when I found your link, but I'm glad I did! I just saw your pumpkinland post and though "how funny, another pumpkin patch with the same name as the one near my place" After looking closer at some of your pictures, I realized it IS the same beloved pumpkinland that I take my kids to in the fall! Crazy how I discovered a neighbor in the blogosphere!
Thanks again for all the ideas! Hopefully they'll keep me sane this winter :)

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Thanks for sharing your fun traditions!

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Hey there "What was I doing again?". Your profile isn't set to allow e-mail replies, but I wanted to say hi. I think it's so exciting that you live so close to me. If you read this, shoot me an e-mail at twelvecrafts(at)gmail(dot)com, so we can chat a bit more.

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

This is such a great idea!! I love the letter from Santa. That is so great! It would be fun to hear what Santa does this year after the holidays Holly!! :)

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