Wednesday, January 26, 2011

blog spa tutorial: a personalized spa body wrap

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We've pampering ourselves head to toe this week during Blog Spa.  Yesterday, Bev over at Flamingo Toes showed us how to make a bath scrubbie and a bath soak.  Well, you are going to need something cute to use as a wrap once you get done soaking. . . right?  Right!  So that's when you reach for your personalized spa body wrap.  You don't have a personalized spa body wrap?  Well, now you can!  And the best part is you can use things you already have on hand to make yourself one . . . woohoo!

Spa Body Wrap

Here's what you need:
~a towel from your linen closet
~a stained washcloth (or a unstained washcloth)
~some bits of fabric from your scrap pile
~some elastic
~hook and loop strip about 2 inches long


Here's what you do:
1)  Place your towel right side up on the ground.  Decide which long side is going to be the top of the wrap and which long side will be the bottom.  At the top, place one side of the hook and loop about 1/4 down from the top and a 1/4 inch in from the side.  Sew. 

2)  Place your towel back on the floor right side up.  At the top on the other corner, place the other side of the hook and loop about 2 inches down from the top and a 1/4 inch in from the side.  Sew. 

3)  Place the towel back on the ground again WRONG SIDE UP.  Fold the top edge of the towel down about 1 inch.  This will be your tube for the elastic.  Pin and sew a straight line to make the tube, but do not sew up the ends.

4)  Take the elastic and pull it tight around your chest where you would normally wrap a towel for the length you need to cut.  (Make sure there is tension in the elastic and that it is stretching.)  Put a safety pin through one end of the elastic and start pushing it through the tube you just created on your towel.  Read next step before pushing too far.  (This isn't as easy as with regular fabric but with a little patience, it will go all the way through.)

5)  Push safety pin through until the opposite end of the elastic is just past the end of the hook and loop piece (so about 2 1/4 inches in from the end.  Sew elastic in place here going back and forth a couple of times. 

6)  Keep pushing safety through until it comes out the other end.  But now gently release elastic so that it is about 2 1/4 inches in from this end.  Sew into place going back and forth a couple of times.  This means that the elastic is not in the tube where the hook and loop is. (I did sew the ends of the tube up as well once the elastic was sewn in place.)   

7)  Take your stained washcloth (that you almost threw out until you realized you could make something cool like this with it), and cut a pocket shape out of it.  I thought this looked entirely too plain, so I added a personalized monogram using scrap fabric and double-sided fusible interfacing.  The interfacing does work with the towel; however I also did a quick topstitch to make sure it will stay on when washed.  Sew pocket on where ever you can easily access it while the wrap is on your body.  I even put the wrap on to find just the right spot to pin and sew the pocket.   

8)  I also added a strip of the same fabric from the top of the wrap to the bottom with the same interfacing and sewing technique.

9)  Done! And ready for wrapping after a nice warm relaxing bath!  This is way better than my terry cloth robe that I've had since I was 18!

See you tomorrow morning for another great spa giveaway!

 Blog Spa on!

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Missy Shay said...

I love it! I actually got a great deal after Christmas on a bathrobe set that came with one of these. But it is plain white, I'm going to add some embellishments!

Stephanie said...

This is so cute! And fantastic! I really wish I had a sewing machine...and knew how to sew, lol!

Samantha said...

I love, love, love this! I am definitely going to make one of these for myself and one for my daughter too!

Randi~Dukes and Duchesses said...

My daughter is having a Spa Party tonight and I almost made wraps like these for take-home favors ... but my daughter changed her mind. I love your version - so cute!

I'm going to check the rest of your spa links.

Shanna said...

Looks like I can get a head-start on gifts for Christmas 2011! :)

Leslie said...

Awesome! I like how you made the tube and elastic process so simple. I had a bear of a time with that on a spa wrap I made recently. ( Thanks for sharing!

Holly Lefevre said...

I wish all the spa wraps were this pretty. Great tutorial (you may be the queen of great tutorials!). I am tickled pink!

Unknown said...

Thanks for this creative and useful tutorial.
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My Spa Shop said...

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nandhiniblog said...

The tutorial on the body wrap towel is good. We can make one ourselves with our like style. Thank you

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