Monday, January 3, 2011

a surprise for everyone and three things

Have you entered the Flamingo Toes giveaway?  What?  You haven't?  Alright . . . you are not going to want to miss out on this . . .$25.00 . . . yes, that's right $25.00 of credit in her shop.  And her shop rocks.  There isn't a single thing in there that I wouldn't fall off my chair for if some generous person gave me a Flamingo Toes gift!  (If only my husband actually read my blog.) 

Here's the thing . . . only ONE of you is going to win that $25.00 shopping spree!  I know, sadness!  But that's kind of the way giveaways work!  BUT Bev is so crazy generous that she didn't want to stop there, so she is giving all of my twelve crafts' readers a gift . . . 15% off your purchases for the ENTIRE month of January!  That's what I mean, crazy generous! 

I'll remind you about this discount again, but in case, you don't want to wait for the giveaway winner to be announced.  Or in case you already know you are going to order WAY more than $25.00 worth of stuff if you win, go place your first order now with this discount code . . . TCTC15.  Type this code into the coupon box at check out.  Remember you have the entire month to take advantage of Bev's generous gift!

Three more things:
1)  Enter to win a beautiful set of rosette fabric bookmarks on this post.  Belle Rose Designs is the creative sponsor for this giveaway. 

2)  I want to welcome all the new followers who have just joined us within the last few days!  Wow!  I honestly love getting a new follower today as much as I did back in January 3, 2010.  Oh wait, I didn't get any new followers on January 3, 2010 because no one was reading my blog then.  ;)  But my point is that whether you are follower number 3 or follower number 1203, you rock!   

3)  I have a surprise for you tomorrow . . . alright, I'm no good at keeping surprises so I'm just going to spill the beans . . . I have TWO giveaways coming up tomorrow.  Makes me wish I could celebrate my blogbirthversaryday every week!  See you tomorrow!
Enter on and craft on!

This week's amazing giveaway sponsors include the following:

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Charity U said...

Yay! I love sales and giveaways. :)

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