Sunday, May 2, 2010

sunday kids' craft: taking it to the oven

Last Sunday we took our crafting outdoors.  Now, we are back indoors but still working with unique crafting materials.  We are big pizza eaters out our house!  It's the perfect meal for our family because three of us are vegetarians and one of us eats meat.  Make-your-own mini-pizza night is a big hit because everyone gets to personalize their pizza.  This is also an excellent food craft because each person can make their own edible art with the pizza-making ingredients, and even my two year old, Monkey, can participate. 

Before you do anything, march kids off to the sink to wash their hands!  Then grab the following and get ready to make your own edible art this week:
-mini-pizza crusts (pre-made or made from scratch)
-olive oil and Italian herb mix
-pizza sauce
-cut up a variety of colorful veggies
-and for those of the meat-eating variety, your favorite meat

I pile the supplies on the table so that everyone has easy access.  Let kids rubs on olive oil all over crust and sprinkle with Italian herb mix.  Then add pizza sauce.

Let kids sprinkle cheese on top of crust as their canvas.

  Let kids create their unique masterpieces with pre-cut ingredients.

Put art in the oven at 400 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes.
Enjoy your edible masterpieces together!

Tonight we also kept busy with our teacher appreciation gifts.  My preschooler has two amazing teachers.  I came across this teacher appreciation gift at Skip to My Lou via One Pretty Thing.  It looked easy enough for little ones to help with, and we had a great time putting together our own unique gifts and sayings for each little container in the pill box.  Check our Skip to My Lou's idea and add your own unique spin.  I wrapped them up with a pretty ribbon, and both gifts are ready to deliver tomorrow.

So pick up some food or wrap up a gift for your favorite teacher and . . .
craft on!


con il ♥ e le mani said...
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con il ♥ e le mani said...

well done! you've made wonderful pizzas! and you can believe me... i'm italian! ;-)
your blog is really nice and your creations SEW cute! I'm going to become your follower! ciao, linda

elizabeth @ twelvecrafts said...

Thanks Linda!

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