Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a little gift for me

Dutch ovens and gravy boats are two things that my grandma keeps telling me that I need.  For the first few Thanksgivings that I hosted at my house, she probably mentioned dutch ovens and gravy boats at least ten times a piece.  She said things like, "If you had a gravy boat, we wouldn't have to use a bowl and spoon for the gravy," and "This would have been a lot easier if you made it in a dutch oven."  

As graciously as possible my replies went something like this, "Grandma, I'm a vegetarian.  I've been a vegetarian since I was 12 or 13, I don't find myself in need of a gravy boat very often.  A spoon and bowl work just fine for the one day a year that you all come here and someone else makes a turkey in my kitchen," or "Grandma, I don't even know what a dutch oven is, let alone how to cook in one."

So what's my point? 

In the last few months I've done two giveaways in conjunction with CSN Stores.  I've been thrilled to do them because the truth is that I LOVE to give people stuff . . . you may have already figured that out since I'm spending an entire year making gifts to give to people.  I have a few more giveaways coming up in the next few weeks, and I am really excited about them.  

However, today I get to tell you that in the midst of all the giveaways for others, I'm actually going to get a little gift just for me . . . well, it will probably be for my entire family, but still . . . it's a gift that I get to keep because CSN has given me the opportunity to review a product from one of their millions of stores.  Okay, they don't have millions of stores, but if feels like they do because in the over 250 stores CSN provides, they pretty much have anything and everything my family needs . . . or wants.

Truth be told, I could probably get on of these:

or one of these:

But I probably won't because I still think a spoon and bowl work fine, and I have yet to learn what it is a dutch oven does.  Can anyone enlighten me?

So . . . stay tuned for my review of the mystery item from CSN.  In the meantime, go check out CSN for yourself . . . maybe you are in need of a dutch oven or a gravy boat.  ;)

Craft on!


Quimby said...

We just use our Dutch oven as a really big pot. It's particularly handy for making stews and soups. Of course a Dutch oven is also when you fart in bed and then pull the covers up over the other person's head. Next time your grandma says you need a Dutch oven, there's an image that should make you laugh out loud!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

I pretty much use my Dutch oven for only one thing which seems kinda silly ( because it is) and that's making a pot roast which for me is at least a 1/2 day long process ( because I'm weird). But now that I've read Quimby's description, I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to use my Dutch oven again so maybe it's a gravy boat you need until someone comes up with an alternate meaning for that!

Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

As a vegetarian, a dutch oven could be used for delish pototo soup, or really any soup. I love mine and cook both veggie and meat dishes in it. After you've used one, you will wonder what you've done without it. Go ahead, make your day!

Tanya said...

Baked beans!

Annette W. said...

I use a measuring cup for a gravy boat. Even at TG.

Emily said...

Quimby's comment made me crack up! Seriously that is totally what I think of when I hear Dutch Oven. My husband thinks it's hilarious, I'm not so much a fan!

Beverly {Flamingo Toes} said...

Well I've been enlightened about Dutch Ovens today. ha.
I use the one I cook with for all kinds of soups and stews. I also use it to do meats (start on the stove, finish in the oven). But I love that it's cast iron - heats so well. And the thing stays hot for-e-ver. So it keeps your soup warm even during dinner. Pretty much my "go to" cooking Pot. said...

oh how I would love that cute dutch oven! I have a great recipe for a no-knead bread that bakes in a dutch oven. Perfect for anything that goes from the stove top to the oven.

VickiT said...

Dutch oven meaning varies depending on who you are talking to in all honesty. Many call the Nesco Roasting ovens a 'dutch oven' read more here I suspect since it's Grandma and she's saying this around the holidays that this very well could be what she's referring to. I have one myself in both the 6 quart and 18 quart sizes. Oh wait, I still have my old 18 quart sized one hiding out in my garage too in case it's needed. You can use those instead of an oven to cook almost anything you would cook in an oven. VERY nice in the summertime when the temps are 90 and above because they do not heat your house up. And you can cook a turkey in them as well. I have not cooked a turkey in my oven since I bought my big roaster because they come out of their so moist. yea, I realize that is lost on a vegetarian. LOL Your guests would like that though. ;) There are other companies that make those same type of roasters but trust me, stick to the Nesco if you buy one. You can also get a nifty divided insert to put inside the Nesco that will keep warm three different dishes. That comes in very handy during the holidays for veggies and mashed potatoes/gravy.

Unknown said... has many recipes she cooks in a dutch oven and often gives them away. I'm veggie too but don't own one. With that said, many things you can make in a dutch oven you can just as easily make in a crock pot. I have a great cook book for veggie crock pot recipes I found on amazon. Happy cooking!(and shopping)

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