Wednesday, December 22, 2010

tuesday's true confession: i wish is was tuesday!

Is it Tuesday? 

I wish.

Because if it was Tuesday, that would mean that I have an extra day to get the following done:
~finishing touches on the felt food
~wrap felt food
~finishing touches on pretend and play restaurant set
~wrap restaurant set
~two super hero capes
~wrap two super hero capes
~two crayon rolls  (Woohoo!  I don't need to wrap them because they are stocking stuffers.)
~appliques for Christmas jammie shirts
~wrap Christmas jammies
~make parent and grandparent gifts
~wrap parent and grandparent gifts
~wrap friend presents for kids' Christmas party
~menu planning
~grocery shopping
~meal prep
~Christmas goodie making
~clean up massive disaster area . . . a.k.a. craft room/dining room
~sweep/mop floors
~clean bathroom
~get guest room ready
~and about 100 other things that I will realize I need to do between now and Saturday

Like the rest of you, I've been so busy lately . . . so busy, in fact, that I forgot that I have a blog.  It completely slipped my mind . . . I'm not joking . . . I wish that I was joking . . . but I'm not. 

This is me . . . looking all relaxed and blissful a few weeks ago when we put up our tree.  I miss that lady.  I hope she comes back soon!  I think my husband does too!

So happy Wednesday, but I confess that I wish that is was Tuesday.

Craft on!


Jill said...

I get it! I really do. Our big Christmas is on Sunday with family. If I try and do TOO much ahead of time, it just gets undone, that's what a 2 year old does to your house, so you just sit and fret and try and figure out what the CAN'T undo. So far we've cleaned out the front closet for coats, straightened out our master closet, half the bathroom cupboards, and transferred stuff upstairs. My hubby is working on finish things like hanging the mirror upstairs in the bathroom, the clock, he got the curtain up for the shower finally, and is doing drywall in the closets. Between you and me, he won't get all of it done. If we'd had a babysitter and had both of us working on drywall and stuff, we'd probably make it, but as it is, everyone's seen the house 'undone' so it's not a big deal, but still. Since my 2 yo is upstairs with her dad now, 'helping' I think I'm going to do a once over and get the felt food scraps and strings off of the floor in the living room, and run the vacuum in the 2 bedrooms, which should suffice for their being 'clean' for the holidays. Then it will just be bathrooms and kitchen/dining!

Anonymous said...

GOODNESS WOMAN!!!! and that lady will come back about March i think. I wold say Feb. but then you have valentines day crap to make and it just doesnt stop for a while!!! KEEP blogging though ALMOST TO A FULL YEAR! (even though i just started following you) we are almost the same person SO i like reading your stuff!

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

oh I know, I'm with you. There is just sooooo much to do and the list keeps getting longer.

Jana said...

You're one amazing person--you've done so much through this year to make this Christmas special for everyone. I see myself so much in your different posts--loving the process, delighting in all the festive craftiness, devising unique ways to bless others. However, at this point all we crafty mommas have a choice. Do we wear ourselves out--missing out on the peace that is supposed to accompany this holiday--or do we actually go against every inch of our multi-tasking, busy "Martha"-like selves and just make an executive decision to just STOP--simplify--and savor the season?

I have done lots of wonderful crafts this year leading up to Christmas, but three days before, I am at peace accepting that much I wished to do simply didn't get done. The new robes I wanted to have ready for my two kids on Christmas morning are NOT going to get done. The darling clothes I wanted to sew for my little nephew did NOT get completed and mailed off in time. I didn't sew the puppet theatre from Amy Karol's book that I had been wanting to make for over a year. I've just made a few baked goods (stollen, fruitcake, shortbread) instead of the exhaustive list of cookies I usually produce. Those things are unfinished, and at this point, I'm letting them be.

However, instead of those and other lovely gifts . . . I've realized that I CAN give my kids and family different gifts: e.g. the gift of a mom who can sit and play a game with them a few days before Christmas. I can give my family the gift of a mother who isn't harried and exhausted from spending a full day in the kitchen elbow deep in cookie dough. I want to have a smile on my face in these next few days more than a crease in my brow.

For too many years, my few days before Christmas have sped by in a whirlwind of baking, making, sewing, wrapping, cleaning, etc. because of some expectation I placed on myself that if those things didn't get done, "Christmas" wouldn't be as special, memorable, etc. This year, I plan to go with the shepherds to the manger and adore Him. I've decided that is the very best and most important gift I can give--to my Savior, to my family, and to myself.

Blessings to you and your family this Christmas! Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and insights--looking forward to reading more in 2011! said...

oh boy, blogging just seems like too much right now on top of everything else doesn't it! I made it to Pella yesterday so now I'm forced to relax! Doing things like baking goodies and chex mix with my sister and ice skating with my daughter!

Jill said...

Christmas should be crazy and busy and mad - won't be Christmas if it wasn't!

Hope you have a fantastic fun filled, festive season! And that Santa brings you lots of great pressies!! (Do you think a serger will fit in your stocking??)

Merry Christmas

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Girl! You need to knock a few (million) things off of your list. This is the point where I fish or cut bait! :) For instance...only one Princess dress is made and I'm ok with that because I forgot that I bought a tutu already for someone, so that'll take the place of princess dress #2...for now. Think of all of those empty January days...must save some projects to fill them up. Please tell me you are taking January off...You need a break, my friend!! Merry Christmas!!!!

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Merry Christmas!!! Thanks for such a wonderful blog!

Maydijo said...

I am looking forward to Christmas this year - for almost the first time in my adult life. There are two tricks: The first is to let go of obligation - if you are only doing something because you think it should be done (but you don't really enjoy it), just stop. The second is to realise that, with very few exceptions, nobody will really know if something is left undone. No appliques on the pj's? No super hero capes? Who will know but you? (And, well, all of us who read the blog. But you can lie to us and say it was all done.)

I used to care so much about obligation, I actually stayed at a family Christmas party when I was pregnant with my daughter and DH's sister, who knew I was pregnant, brought along her 1 year old, who had rubella. Now how stupid is that? Nobody's feelings are worth more than my children's health and well-being!

Two years ago this Friday, I cradled my infant son in my arms and understood: This was Christmas. The simplicity of an infant, who wants only love, and food, and warmth. An infant, born in humility, sent to redeem us all. I marvel when I think that One so small, could unite so many, bringing together the impoverished shepherd and the mighty king. We focus on the kings - the extravegance of gold, and frankincense, and myrrh - but what of the shepherds, and their simple gifts and love and adoration?

Mary cherished these things in her heart. She probably did not have the means to keep the expensive gifts of the wise men. The presents go - they are broken, or lost, or discarded. Ultimately the memories remain, cherished, in our hearts.

Unknown said...

You can do it! Here's the prompt return of a blissful Elizabeth!

queenbeaz said...

Thank you for keeping it real with your Tuesday's True Confessions. I like knowing there's a real person behind the blog. I've been inspired to post my first ever TTC on my blog
Thanks for all your inspiration!

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