Wednesday, December 1, 2010

mod trees advent calendar: giveaway #3

Printable Mod Trees Advent Calendar
Advent Giveaway #3

I love the colors and the simple contemporary design of these little tree-shaped Advent boxes.  Wish these could be mine, but instead I get to pass these printable box patterns onto . . . 


who said...
My family makes these awesome ritz crackers with peanut butter covered in chocolate...not sure of the official name but they're amazing!

Congrats Jamie!  (Did you notice that two gals with a different version of the same name won . . . Jaimee and Jamie!  I think random things like that are cool . . . because, yeah, I'm a dork!)

And if you really like these sweet printable tree boxes, hop on over and purchase your very own printable set.

Stay tuned for one more winner and . . .

Tradition on!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Oooh, lucky!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie said...

Yay! Thanks!! SO excited...better get my printer warmed up and start working on this awesome project! Thanks again!!

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