Sunday, February 14, 2010

celebrate "failure" with me!

So, I've started a flickr group.  If you look through a craft flickr group, you'll be amazed at the creative things people make.  There are some super talented people out there!  But . . . the thing about these flickr groups is that people always post their successes - their best and brightest projects.  No one every posts pictures of their flubs, their flops . . . their (gasp) "failures". 

That's just not reality. 

We all "fail" at something sometime.  And these so-called failures should be celebrated not shunned - relegated to the scrap pile or the junk heap of life.  After all, if you fail right, you learn something every time.
  • You learn to clip corners before you turn something right side out.
  • You learn to adjust the thread tension on your sewing machine.
  • You learn to put right sides together.
  • You learn how to use fusible interfacing.
  • You learn rotary cutter technique.
  • You learn . . .
And let's face it . . . isn't there something in you that feels like success is even sweeter after failure?

So . . . please post your success - your best and your brightest.  But next time you flub, flop or "fail", snap a picture and post it here (or click on the flickr badge to the left of this post) in celebration of a new thing tried and a lesson learned.

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