Tuesday, February 23, 2010

clothing the naked

Okay, I'm not clothing the naked in the biblical sense, but I did do something somewhat miraculous for a gal who tried to sew something with a pattern for the VERY FIRST TIME EVER.  What is this miracle?  (This is definitely a drum roll moment . . . tadatadatada - that was supposed to be a drum roll.) 

I finally clothed Molly Monkey.  This means that my eleventh craft till Christmas is officially finished!  Feast your eyes on this beauty!

Now that my one second of celebration is over, I must go back to reality.  Reality reminds me that I have not one but two kids whose ability to share is hit or miss (mostly miss).  And since I'm not willing to give one of them away, I need to make not one but two Molly Monkeys.  I have the pattern pieces cut out for number two.  I may not finish her before the end of the month, but I'll give it my best shot.  You could probably still get one done too if you wanted to . . . it's not too late to join me in the Molly Monkey journey (click for link), but either way-

craft on!     

**I haven't heard from my Molly Monkey partner, Kristin, for a while.  She has been really busy with birthdays, adoption stuff and the endless to-do list of a mom, but I'll let you know when she gets her Molly done as well.


Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

she looks lovely! Well done :)

Steven Finn said...

After reading the article, Its great that you complete your eleventh craft. First, congratulation for completing it and best of luck for you next Molly Monkey. Keep sharing more new things with your readers. Now its time to avail Star Medical Lab for more information.

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