Wednesday, February 3, 2010

are you learning to sew? then you will love the tv show "lost".

I hear from my friends who are Lostites (fans of the show Lost) that the final season started last night.  Having never actually seen that show, I can only assume from the title that it's a show about people like me who are learning to sew using patterns like Molly Monkey.  I'll have to tune in for next week's show which I can only hope will be an episode explaining what in the world "whipstitching" is while the characters decipher these directions, "Bind one edge with coordinating bias tape.  Overlock or use pinking shears on the other edge.  Edgestitch to form a tube." 

Holy tamole . . . there are about six words in that sentence I actually understand and unfortunately they are the words:
  • with
  • or
  • on
  • the
  • to
  • a
So, as you can guess I'm struggling a bit with the Molly Monkey pattern.  Truth be told, I haven't even actually done anything yet except read the directions over and over again for two nights in a row.  (I have been working on another project though that I will post about another day.) 

I do have a partner in this endeavor.  Kristin sent me a message saying that she would make a Molly Monkey too.  Yippee!  I'm soooo excited!  Any other takers?  Click here to check it out  (The picture is from mmmcrafts site.)

We would love to have someone else join us.  Kristin is far more knowledgeable in the sewing department.  I'm definitely the weak-link in our long-distance sewing partnership.  In fact, I already had to ask her what wool felt is.  Oh Kristin, you are a saint. 

Craft on!


Anonymous said...

Molly Monkey kind of looks like fun! And yeah, im one of those "lostites".
-Lori Keunen

Kristin said...

I skimmed the directions and didn't even see those words! Oops! I will have to learn something too since I have an general idea of a whipstitch but have no idea how to do it.

I am pretty sure edgestitch means to just sew along the edge - she is having you fold down fabric, sew along the cut edge (leaving a 2in opening) so you can put the elastic inside. Overlock is a kind of stitch on your machine - pinking shears is the kind of sissors that cuts a zigzag so it doesn't fray.

Oh, and some advice I have received many times but have a hard time actually doing is - to read the instructions as you do each step and not read ahead. Many times it seems so confusing until you are actually sewing.

I just went to her Flickr page with all the Molly Monkeys and if you click "all sizes" when you are looking at a photo, you can see it up big. You can see the whipstich more clearly that way. I think she is actually talking about the blanket stitch. Some just did a straight stitch. One looked like they sewed the face on to the head before sewing the head to the body.

I went and got my fabric last night. I didn't like the colors of wool felt they had so I went with the cheaper recycled plastic bottle felt. Some colors were obviously thinner then others so I tried to stick with the thicker colors.

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