Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i'm much better at wrong sides together

RST why are you taunting me?  This pretty much sums up my night.  You probably can't see what I'm talking about from this picture, but I ended up sewing the sleeve/arm combo pieces of Molly Monkey WST . . . uhm, that's wrong (very wrong) sides together.  Not only did I sew the sleeve/arm combo pieces WST, but first I sewed the sleeve and arm pieces for each side of the sleeve/arm combo pieces WST as well.  It was a bloomin' mess, and I wasn't the wiser until I started turning the freshly sewn pieces.  So . . . after ripping out every little stitch on both sleeve/arm combo pieces and then the stitches on each individual sleeve and arm piece, I decided to pack it in for the night.  I didn't even begin to sew these pieces back together RST . . . I think I will be banning that three letter combo from my vocabulary after I finish Molly Monkey.  It seemed like I should give up while I was very, very behind.

So I end reluctantly with my usual send off . . . 

Craft on!      
SYS Thurs


Kristin said...

Don't give up! Taking out stitches is my least favorite part of sewing! I am sorry the RST thing is complicating things. I hate to tell you though that you can't ban it after Molly the Monkey ;)- it is very common in sewing. Hugs Elizabeth!

Faye said...

i absolutely HATE ripping out stitches! i had to do this last night when i was doing a reversible bag, and i OF COURSE (like always) was rushing and didnt pay attention so i sewed it all wrong ugh lol by 4 am i had just about finished and was not happy so had to rip it out and start over with the lining.

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