Monday, February 1, 2010

enjoy this pattern freebee

Tonight I will be posting about my craft for the month of February, but first I want to give you a heads up about this great free pattern for strawberry felt food.  Making felt food is one of those crafts on my hope-to-do-this-year list.  It looks tedious and fun all at the same time.  I'm a glutton for punishment, and I like free stuff.  (This comes from my parents who pretty much paid for our childhood trip to Disneyland by making us eat only Cheerios for a year and collecting the box tops for a Disneyland ticket promotion.)  In my search for free felt food patterns, I found this freebee offered by Bugga Bugs to those who sign up for their mailing list.  They promise not to sell your e-mail address, and you can remove yourself from the mailing list at any time.  Just click on the words "strawberry felt food" above and you will find yourself magically transported to the link where you can sign up for their mailing list.  You may have to wait a few days for them to e-mail it to you because they only update their mailing list once a week.  Enjoy your so-yummy-looking-you-could-almost-eat-it strawberries.  (I like to use dashes to make really long words.  Another thing I got from my parents . . . just kidding mom and dad!)

Craft on! 

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Kristin said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I love felt food but I stil haven't made any yet. I have brown sitting here from last year when I decided to try to make felt fortune cookies!

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