Tuesday, March 2, 2010

i finished a marathon

Not the 26.2 kind.  I had you going there for a minute, didn't I?  I had a little vacation day today - home alone with the day to do whatever I wanted.  So, what did I do?  I had a Molly Monkey/Lost marathon.  As you may remember, I still had one Molly Monkey to finish in order to complete my eleventh craft till Christmas.  You may also remember that I started watching Lost in an effort to learn some sewing tips.  However, even after I realized that Lost has nothing to do with sewing, I kept watching it.  In fact, I started at the beginning with season 1, and even though I feel just as confused and frustrated watching Lost as I do learning to sew, I'm addicted and can't stop watching it.  So today I logged on to Lost on Hulu and drug out my sewing supplies.  Then I spent the day in the sewing/Lost zone. Now, I've never run an actual marathon, so those of you who have are going to be offended by the next statement . . . I'm sew (pun intended) mentally exhausted after working all day on Molly Monkey and watching the most frustrating show ever made that I feel like I actually ran a marathon - the 26.2 kind.  

BUT . . . I have a lot to show for it . . . two completely finished Molly Monkeys.     
I made some changes to number two - no hat, a bow in the back and no double bias tape on the skirt.  I wanted them to be different - more reflective of the little girls they are going to be given to next Christmas.  If you haven't tried making Molly (click for pattern) yet, I urge you to give it a whirl.  It's a fun and frustrating adventure that is completely worth it in the end . . . probably much like running an actual marathon.

I'm a little sad to be closing this page in my twelve crafts journey, but this wraps up my eleventh craft till Christmas (even though technically it's now March).  Stay tuned for Wednesday's reveal of my tenth craft till Christmas and . . .

craft on! 


rebecca said...

I LOVE your Molly Monkey's...they are so adorable! You did an amazing job on them!!!

Kristin said...

She is cute too! Good job!

S and family said...

Oh, that is One Cute Monkey.
(OK, I see that it is actually two monkeys, but you know what I mean.)
Great job!

Hobby Mama said...

I love these. I was wondering if you had a tutorial. on them. I am having a baby in march and trying to do as much hand made stuff for her as I can. I have a ton of scrap fabric and would love to make her one.

Hobby Mama said...

lol never mind I see where you have the pattern now.

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