Saturday, March 20, 2010

saturday spotlight - rolling pins aren't just for baking

This is a first for Saturday spotlight . . . I'm highlighting the craftiness of someone I don't know.  Although I didn't plan it, my posts this week had a common theme.  See if you can guess the theme.  On Monday, the girls and I used toilet paper rolls to make rain sticks and binoculars.  And on Thursday, I finally made a craft for myself, a friend and a giveaway - a travel roll-up.  

Yep, that's right.  Both posts find their common bond it some kind of roll.  I felt compelled to use my Saturday spotlight to continue the theme, and I found this amazing idea Amy at Craft Chi for making a unique print with a rolling pin.  Super creative!  Actually, I plan on trying this tomorrow night for our kids' craft night.  I'm going to make it a bit simpler for kids to do by using foam stickers that we have on hand.  I look forward to posting about our attempts tomorrow night.  Stay tuned and . . .

craft on!


Mom2fur said...

That is so cool! Ha, ha, you are 'on a roll'! What's next...cinnamon rolls? Roller skates? Rollers in your hair? Endless possibilities, but I think then you'd have to change the name of your blog!

Amanda said...

Very fun! Love this idea!

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