Saturday, March 13, 2010

saturday spotlight - a house full of blessings in wood form

It's amazing how much I take for granted the things I see every day.  For a while I had an opportunity to live in London.  I worked in a mental health facility there, and five days a week on my way to work I walked through the courtyard of St. Paul's Cathedral.  Saint Paul's has been an important part of London's landscape since 1697.  On my first day to work, I remember thinking, "Wow, I can't believe I walk through the courtyard of this amazing building on my way to work!"  I gazed longingly at each and every detail - soaking it all in.  By month three of walking through that courtyard two times a day, five days a week, I barely even looked up - as if I was walking past a newspaper stand.  The once-beauty of this amazing cathedral had become commonplace.

That brings me to this week's Saturday Spotlight.  First, let me say I don't dare propose that my house is anything like St. Paul's Cathedral in historical significance and architectural beauty.  However, there are many things that sit inside these walls that - at one time - I gazed longingly at, soaking in each and every detail.  Things that people  made just for me or members of my family...things made out of wood by the careful and creative hand of friends, family, loved ones.  At some point, these beautiful gifts became commonplace.  However, in honor of wood crafts week I've shaken myself out of this commonplace stupor, and looked once again at the beauty inside these walls.

The headboard and dresser were made by my grandpa many many years ago.  This bedroom set has been used by my grandparents, my dad, my uncle, me and now my daughter.  This is a true legacy gift. 
These two bookshelves were made for my girls.  They have unique names with special meanings, and these personalized bookshelves are wonderful gifts and beautiful additions to their rooms.  The women who made these has got major talent and skill. 
This rocking horse is so special to us - it could never be commonplace.  It was made by a special family that plays an important part of our lives on a daily basis.  Each family member played a role - wood working, sanding, painting, staining, etc.  Mark, the man who did the wood work, was incredibly talented.  His hands were inspired.  He passed away, but his memory lives with us in this special gift. 
This wonderful little chair is another one of those gifts that we cherish because of the person it represents and reminds us of - Ray.  We actually have a couple of gifts from Ray - a nativity, a sled, this chair - that help us remember a man who loved to use his creative gifts to bless others.   
Be inspired and craft on!

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