Monday, March 15, 2010

crafts for kids: we're on a roll!

A few weeks ago I began collecting toilet paper roles.  I'm not sure why.  I guess for the same reason I have a box full of egg cartons, coffee filters, old macaroni, check register boxes, the little tabs that keep bun bags closed, etc. - in hopes that they will all become something more in the hands of my children.  Tonight these toilet paper rolls found new life in two fun projects: shakers/rain sticks and binoculars.  Also, let me say that if you have time, both of these projects can be so much more.  Tonight, we only had about 30 minutes for craft time, so what you see if what you get with 30 minutes, one four year old, one two year old and a box of odds and ends.

First, let's make shakers or rain sticks.

Get your hands on:

*toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls or (my favorite because they are made out of thicker cardboard) the long rolls found in tin foil, plastic wrap or wax paper. 
*markers, paint, crayons, crayons, colored paper, glue, ect.
*wax paper or parchment paper - cut into two 2 by 2 inch squares for each shaker
*rubber bands
*rice and/or macaroni

Let each child decorate their own roll.  As much as I tried to get my kids to cover their rolls in colored paper, they were not interested.  They just wanted to color their rolls with markers, but the decorating options are endless.  My oldest tried to make it into a person.  She drew a happy face on one side and a frowny face on the othr side.  Then she decorated the middle like a shirt or top. 

After the decorating is complete, take one wax paper or parchment paper square and place it on one end of the roll.  We almost painted the wax paper brown for hair, but with the time crunch we left it white.  I told her we would take it off and paint it later.  Conform it to the circle end and secure it with one or two rubber bands - perfect headbands if you are making people shakers.  

Dump a handful or two of macaroni or rice into the roll.  We used macaroni for the musical shakers and rice for the rain sticks.  

Take a second wax paper/parchment paper square and secure with a rubber band or two.  Again, we will be painting this later because it is the shaker person's skirt.  The rubber band makes a nice belt.  

Done and ready to make beautiful music!

Second, my girls made some fabulous binoculars for all the imaginary nature hikes we go on in our house during these rainy and foggy days.  

You will need: 

*toilet paper rolls - two for each set of binoculars
*makers, crayons, stickers, paint, etc.
*paper hole punch
*narrow stapler
*yarn cut to easily fit over the child's head 

Decorate the two rolls.

Staple the two rolls together by putting a staple or two one each end of the pair.

Punch holes - pick one end of the binoculars and punch one hole on each inside edge of the binoculars (two holes total).  Don't punch the holes on the outside edges because the yarn will then go right in front of the eye holes. 

Place yarn through holes and tie.

Binoculars finished and imaginary nature hikes begin.
So start saving those toilet papers rolls and craft on!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like fun! I remember making something like this when I was little.

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