Thursday, March 4, 2010

tenth craft till christmas

Well, I tried and I tried and I tried (extra emphasis intended because I like to exaggerate) to find a craft that did not involve any sewing.  I would really like to stretch my crafty-skills by trying something different and new, and I think my sewing machine and I need a little break in our relationship.  You know the saying, "Distance makes the heart grow fonder"?  I think that applies to objects too - like sewing machines.  But as I was searching the endless supply of crafting blogs and websites for a nonsewing-related craft, I came across this easy little tutorial for a kitchen towel that I couldn't pass up.  I immediately thought of all the possibilities this idea could lead to:

  • a tea towel gift for grandma and grandpa with the girls' handprints
  • a beach towel gift for each girl with their name ironed/sewn on rather than a handprint
  • a hand towel for the girls' bathroom with their name
  • a handprint ironed/sewn on a fabric rectangle and framed for wall art

So . . . two things I need from you - please, please, please (extra emphasis intended because I'm begging):
1) Does anyone know if the heat and bond stuff used in this project is washable.  I guess my assumption is that it is washable, but you know what assume means . . . if you don't, you're probably better off. 
2) Does anyone have any good ideas for nonsewing-related crafts?  I would love for my ninth craft till Christmas to not involve sitting at my sewing machine. 

Craft on!


Kristin said...

Yes, it is washable - works great! Make sure to wash your fabric and your item you appliqueing on just in case either shrinks. I have used it for appliqueing shirts for Jonah for his bday and I am going to do it for big brothers shirts for the boys too.

Non sewing crafts
-you could make hairbows or hairbow holder out of a wooden letter and ribbon
-how about some personalized stationary using stamps?
-I spy bottle/bag - I have heard of people using pencil holders that go in binders , the fabric type kinds and then just hot gluing ribbon over the zipper and then tying ribbon in the holes like fringe.
-altered tin box for your girls' treasure or gifts -

Anonymous said...

I've used heat and bond and washed it. It seems to pucker a little bit even if the fabric was washed before. I'm not sure how to prevent that.

Kristin said...

Elizabeth, I usually use Wonder Under - same concept but I have not had any problems with it at all.

Annette W. said...

Did you actually complete the towel project? I keep seeing the final picture (and comments about procrastination) in the posts, but have not seen it. If you go to my blog, I have several posts that are no-sew that you may be interested in...personalized barrette holder (or just name plaque) monogrammed box...and a few others. I blog at and crafts and sewing is in the menu bar. :)

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