Sunday, March 7, 2010

messy family room or holy moment?

Well, I guess it doesn't have to be an either-or answer.  As I pulled the sheet out of the drawer and drug the chairs into the family room, I have to admit that I was fighting the neat-freak within me knowing what a mess a there would be to clean up.  But as the girls and I worked to make our little fort a home, a messy moment was transformed into a holy moment right before my eyes.  

I think we often see the big moments of life as holy or sacred - birth, a new beginning, marriage, a wrong forgiven, the first/second/third child, death, etc.  (Hence my first post on holy moments.)  But the reality is holy moments happen right before our eyes every day - the laughter of a child, the kindness of a neighbor, a quiet moment in the midst of a busy day, a delicious cheesecake dropped off by a friend (a holy moment I experienced today), food on the table . . . a messy little fort in the middle of the family room.
Usually on Sunday night, my girls and I drag out some craft supplies and create something with glue, fabric, markers, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, whatever.  But tonight we created something different, something that we will take down, put away and only see again in photos.  But it was still fun to create together - not just a messy little fort but also a holy moment - a memory that I'll never forget . . . and hopefully they won't either.  

Craft on! 


rebecca said...

Loved this post & your original post on holy moments! A beautiful reminder to look for the holy moments in the unexpected places of our lives!

Sarah said...

I did this for the first time with my girls about a week ago. They were ecstatic and played in the "tent" all day!

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