Friday, December 31, 2010

feed me friday: quick dips for new year's eve

If you are having people over tonight, it's not too late to whip something dippy up.  I love all things dip, so I thought I would share two of my favorites quick dips that you can stir together in a pinch. 

These are perfect because they require only three ingredients each, and they can literally be made in less than five minutes.  Woohoo!  My two favorite things: simple and quick.

Tex-Mex Quick Dip

Here's what you need:
~1 block of cream cheese (I always use neufchatel cheese because of the lower fat/calorie content.)
~1 - 8 ounce container of sour cream (Again, I use light . . . but when you put this much sour cream and cream cheese together, does it really matter?)
~1 cup of your favorite salsa (I'm a wimp so mild is the only kind I use.)

Here what you do:
1)  Not sure this needs explanation but . . . soft cream cheese and stir everything together. 

2)  Add your own twist by throwing in a tsp of garlic, a cup of corn, a cup of black beans or whatever ingredients you have a craving for at the time.

3)  Grab a bag of your favorite tortilla chips/pit chips or cut up some veggies and start munching!

Fresh Fruit Quick Dip

Here's what you need:
~1 tub of strawberry cream cheese  (You could use pineapple or almond too . . . just experiment!)
~1 container of marshmallow fluff
~1 tsp. of vanilla

Here's what you do:
1) Again, no real explanation needed . . . open everything, dump it in a bowl and mix by hand until blended.

2)  Cut up your fresh fruit and dig in!

See!  You can't get much easier than those two quick dip recipes!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!  Be safe, have fun and . . .

cook on!


Unknown said...

Yummy! I'm making this one for our family get together tonight:

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Happy New Year, Eliz!

Amber Sheaves said...

I always use neufchatel as well, and I pretend it does help!

The fruit dip sounds good although I've never used marshmallow fluff before. Is that abnormal of me?

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