Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday spotlight - sixteen dames make dolls

About two weeks ago I posted about Dolly Donations (click to read Feb. 9 post) started by Sarah Hanson.  I was so inspired by Sarah that I wanted to make a few dolls to donate.  Sarah provides a free, easy peasy pattern to make donating a doll relatively simple for even the most novice sewers - like me. 

After talking with a friend of mine (Thanks Carrie!), I realized that making two dolls is good, but a group of people working together could make even more.  A week ago my goal was to gather a handful of people to cut, sew, turn, stuff and paint, so I sent out a few e-mails to invite a handful of friends to bring any supplies they have and come sew with me.  In my initial invite I welcomed people to bring a friend . . . the more the merrier.  Imagine my elation when sixteen people showed up with mountains of supplies - fabric scraps, sewing machines, felt, needles and thread, stuffing, paint and painting supplies, scissors and so much more.  Carrie, Lori K., Ruth, Lana, Maggie, Terri, Gladys, Gretch, Star, Kathy, Jackie, Madison, Amy, Lori W., Patricia and I began cutting around 6:45, and a little over two hours later we had replaced the mountain of supplies with a mountain of dolls. (Well, actually we still had mountains of supplies because people were so generous with what they brought to donate.)

So this Saturday I'm shining the spotlight on these great gals who used their Friday night, their supplies and their talent to put together dolls for children in an orphanage in Haiti.  

If you are inspired by them (and who wouldn't be), you can go to my previous post about Dolly Donations and follow the links to Sarah's blog, pattern and shipping info.  Also, we had such a good time together that we will be doing this again.  if you are in the area and interested in joining us, please let me know.  You can post a comment that you're interested or e-mail me. 

Be inspired and . . .

craft on!

**All the pictures in this post were taken by Lana of LG Imagery.  Check out her amazing work at her website by clicking on the blue words.  Also, see more of her pics of this night by visiting the twelve crafts flickr group


rebecca said...

What a wonderful cause...those beautiful dolls will be such comfort & blessing to those children...very inspirational, you guys rock!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

Thank you so much ladies! What a wonderful post, and how fabulous that you could all get together for a sewing evening! The dollies are lovely, and I can’t wait to post on the Dolly Donation blog to let everyone see all your hard work!

Thanks so much! Take care and Happy Sewing!

FeltLikeStitchin said...

What a wonderful idea, working as a group to produce more dolls! You should all be so proud of yourselves, your dolls are lovely:)

Maria Rippingale said...

Well done ladies, you have brought a glimmer of hope and a heap of love to the children who will receive those wonderful dolls you've made. I feel inspired!

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