Monday, March 22, 2010

learning to ride a bike at age 32

Okay, I'm not actually learning to ride a bike at age thirty-two.  (Yikes, now you know how young - or old, depending on how you look at it - I am.)  But I am learning - teaching myself some basic stitches I probably should have learned about the time I was learning to ride a bike.  Since I'm a crafting and sewing novice, I've been learning as I go.  Thank goodness for the internet with its wealth of tutorials, videos and step-by-step instructions available at the click of some keys and the push of a button! 

Last night, I confessed my supreme success at procrastination and re-committed myself to working on my tenth craft till Christmas which involves fabric scraps, Heat n Bond, a photo frame and some embroidery thread.  Last night I learned to use Heat n Bond - not so successfully at first . . . hence the backwards "R" that a few of you guessed right last night and this morning.  Tonight I learned this . . . 
That's right at the age of thirty-two I finally learned to do a backstitch.  I also learned how to do a stem stitch - which, by the way, is now my new favorite stitch.  Of course, since I now know a total of only three stitches, I guess being at the top of the list isn't that great of a success for the stem stitch. 

So . . . I'm excited to be making some progress on my tenth craft till Christmas, and at some point I can't wait to share even more pictures of it with you.  In the mean time . . .

craft on!

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KatieB said...

I just wanted to say, I did not do a bit of embroidery until this past year. I took up embroidery as my hobby of '09. I have completed some projects I'm proud of, but I would not say I know any fancy stitches. Split stitch, backstitch, and stem stitch are about it. I have tried french knots and FAILED. So, keep practicing. The wonderful thing about embroidery is every time you do it, you get better.

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