Thursday, December 16, 2010

there's still time . . .

I LOVE getting e-mails, pics and links from those who have tried out one of my tutorials and gift ideas.  It's so exciting to see that at least a few people can figure out the chaos that ends up in my explanations and tutorials!

Here are a few of the lovely pics that have been sent my way recently.  Check them out!  There's still time to make each one of these projects in time for Christmas!!  You can do it!

Samantha from Making Life Prettier used my doll bassinet carrier tutorials part 1 and part 2.

Cleo and Karen - no blog, but a great pillow cat from my pillow buddy tutorials part 1 and part 2!
Not only is the kitty pillow buddy super fab, but her name is fab too . . . Princess Elizabeth Gonzales Kitty.  You can't beat that!

Go get your supplies and . . .

craft on!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wooh! Wooh! Hey Eliz - That pillow buddy that you showed on this post looks awesome! Great job Cleo and Karen!!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

BTW - I just made a princess dress for Scarlett...It only took about 3 hours I'd say. So yes...there's still time! Although now I need to make one for Autumn and a puppet theater and Steve's gift...THERE'S STILL TIME...I'll just keep repeating that in my head over and over again! :) hee hee!

Jackie said...

I love all of your crafts! I was all set to make my kids the mailbox sets, but plans changed a few weeks ago when I found out we are moving (3 hours away) two days after xmas! So luckily 2 of my kids have birthdays within 6 weeks after xmas, so I'm thinking they'll be receiving handmade gifts then - haha! Maybe next year for xmas I can be more organized? Thanks for sharing your crafts - I love the ideas!!!!!

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